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Otome News Round Up for April 2019

Welcome to another new feature of my blog. Like every other one that I’ve started up, I can’t confirm that it’ll stick around. But let’s have fun with it for now. Otome News Round Up will be posted on the last Monday or Friday (whichever comes latest) of the month. The posts will be reasonably short. The idea is not to capture every single thing that has happened in the otome sphere, but more the key important information. So, by that extension, I won’t be including a list of route releases. Most of the round up is news I found interesting and exciting in the month. Hope you enjoy it!

Game Updates

Shining Live Setsugetsuka

Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live has completed its Spring Update. The update includes features such as buying outfits with fish(?) stickers, buying previous event cards with bangles and some updates to events. The update also introduced the much anticipated Setsugetsuka photoshoot. The photoshoot has six steps (1250 prisms), on the sixth pull you have a guaranteed Setsugetsuka UR. 

New Releases this Month

Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku translation update

Day7 has released a new paid app called Proposed by a Demon Lord. The game is currently only available on Android and features 8 love interests.  I will have a first impressions review out soon.

DIGIMERCE has released a demo for their game Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku for the one year anniversary since its release. All their games has also been recently updated with new translation. A review of the Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku demo will be coming shortly.

Upcoming Releases

Les Grande Odalisque Kalmia8

Voltage Inc. also known as Otome Romance have announced they will be porting four titles to the Nintendo Switch. The first two are technically two halves of the same game, Enchanted in the Moonlight. Each game features three romance able options, but a price point has not been released. For more information on game available on the Nintendo Switch check out my post here.

The Disney ikemen game that we were all hyped for has been confirmed as a rhythm game not a dating sim.

Kalmia8 the creators of games such as Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (review here) and the upcoming Fxxx Me Royally! has launched an English site for their upcoming game. Les Grande Odalisque (pictured above) is listed as an 18+ otome on VNDB, and follows two women on their romantic journey. I’m guessing you get the choice to play as either the princess or female military cadet, who are introduced to the Imperial male concubines. I always feel kinda weird about stories involving concubines, but the art looks pretty, so we’ll see??? Full synopsis and character introductions over here.

Release Updates

Mr Love Queen's Choice otome game

Fxxx Me Royally is 100% translated and 35% edited

Love&Producer AKA Mr. Love Queen’s Choice will be released (mostly) worldwide in late-May. Registration pages are available on GooglePlay and Apple store.

No word on The Ssum, you can read a timeline of events over here.

No word on A3, the game was announced for worldwide release in June 2018.

Posts on TwoHappyCats

It has been a quiet month on this blog. I recently began working a new job, and even though it’s not full time, it still sucks out my time and energy. In saying that, I really do enjoy this job! So otome related posts for this month:

Full game review for Steam Prisonover here

Wayne Blouse (Lost Alice) Walkthrough – over here



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