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Mr Love: Queen’s Choice – Otome First Impressions

A bit over a month ago, the highly successful Chinese dating sim ‘Love & Producerreceived an English release as ‘Mr Love: Queen’s Choice. The release seemed to happen overnight, and only in the United Kingdom, surprisingly many fans. As the weeks have gone by,  developers Elex have announced plans for a worldwide release for late May. Now, I’m not sure if this was completely planned, but last Friday (3 May 2019) the game was randomly available on the Australian Google Play Store. I’m not complaining, again, just surprised! So far I’ve played through most of the first two chapters, and thought that would be a perfect point to write up a first impressions post.

The game follows you as the CEO of a media production company. You’ve just lost major funding, and only have enough to do one final episode of your show Miracle Finder. As you scramble to keep your company afloat, you begin hearing whispers of super humans.

At the time of writing this, I’m at about chapter 2, section 12, and I’m still really overwhelmed by all the game mechanics. The game is set up like a map, you click the hearts to read a chapter, and the clapperboard to do a challenge. In the challenge you use experts and gacha cards to meet the requirements. That part is reasonably straight forward, until we you have to start levelling up cards, experts and your company level. Now, when you do the gacha there’s a coin one and a gem one. I believe the gem one is the only one that guarantees an SR for the big pull (which does seem unfair). Whenever you do a pull you get some petals or a flower. You can redeem these for super rare and powerful cards.

I ended up doing a big pull with the coins and got the following cards. And was even more confused! As you can see below I got the following cards. However, only the R and  NH cards now appear on my list of cards. I had a look around and found out that when I received the SR and SSR cards, I wasn’t actually receiving the cards. I only received 1/50 or 1/80 of them. I have to pull them another 49 or 79 times to actually get the card. What!!??

Mr Love Queen's Choice impressions

What I do like about the game is the social media aspect of it. Very similar to Mystic Messenger, players can text and receive calls from the guys. However, this game goes a step further allowing you to comment on social media posts as well. It’s really fun and adds a great interactive segment to the game. After communicating with a guy, affection points will rise. However, again, I’m not quite sure how this works. I’m not even sure if the story branches out to a specific guy at some point or not.

Let me just finish off by discussing some nitpick-y things that I noticed. First up, I couldn’t find a gallery for any CGs. Additionally, when a CG does pop up, the text box is at an awkward position (as you can see in the first picture). The English voice overs are really good. Although, I’m still unsure why they had to ‘westernise’ the character’s names. However, if one would like to download the Japanese voices it’s bit odd. You have to downloads the ‘chapters’ as one bulk set and then each character’s phone conversation as a set. So you pretty much have to download 5 sets of Japanese voice patches. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t implement one big bulk download. Also, I’m sure many players would also love to hear the original Chinese voices. I’d love to know why they aren’t available.

Finally, translation wise, the game is generally pretty good. However,  I have noticed quite a few awkward phrasings. On top of awkward phrasings, sometimes the game will describe the actions/ ways in which people speak. Again, it just comes out as weird.  You can see examples below:

Mr Love: Queen's Choice review

Mr Love queen's choice review

Mr Love: Queen's Choice review

While Mr Love: Queen’s Choice  has a lot of hype surrounding the worldwide release, I don’t think the actual game meets the hype. The game itself is really confusing, even despite the constant tutorials. I’m really shocked at the gacha system, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a game which gives you ‘parts’ of an SR or SSR card. Finally, there’s a lot of small things that prevent the game from feeling polished. I don’t know if I’ll continue playing this game. After playing it over the weekend, it hasn’t really inspired any interest. Overall, I feel very ‘meh’ about it. 


9 thoughts on “ Mr Love: Queen’s Choice – Otome First Impressions

  1. Well, I read all of it and your review, and I was already thinking, “Wow, what a promising app!”, But then, came the parts where everything got confused and I was like: WHAT?
    I really became dissapointed XD But. being the optimistic person I am, I really hope they improve it. An update, who knows?
    And, I just wanted to point that the way that you write is so incredible. Your writing flows so well!
    Anyways, I’m new to your blog! Definely going to accompany your your blog ❤ [I still didn't find the right word to it, lol. So maybe it sounds weird. English is not my native language.]

    I hope you have an awesome day o/

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I do hope they improve on it, the story is so interesting and the guys are so cute, it’s a shame that the confusing aspects of gameplay let it down. Aww thank you so much, you brought a massive smile to my face ♥️☺️


  2. I’m a Chinese player,I started playing this game like one year ago when I was in China in a holiday and my cousin said to me:You MUST play this game so we play like at chapter 4 in 3 days [yes I know very crazy].It is true the SR and SRR cards parts is very frustrating,but I think for what I heard from my cousins [and girls in her school,they even play in the break and talk about who is their favourite…] this game is popular because the diffucult of gain cards to unlock the sides stories and the constant events,keep them from boredom [many people in China no live in big cities like Beijing or Shanghai so if they want to go somewhere fun you need to go to the next city in bus like 20 minutes] and the majority of games in China are for boys because in China have more boys than girls.

    Sorry if this review is very long and boring,and for my English taht is quite rought.This is my firat reply in your blog,I like very much your blog,for searching new otomes and your walkthroughts,thanks for the effort you put.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words :)!!! It was really interesting to read about your and your cousin’s experience. With the SR and SRR cards it must be so satisfying to get them in the end, so it’s worth the pain / wait. I hope more games come out in China for female players, it must be hard trying to find something fun to play. I’m really thankful that otome games are becoming more and more popular. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but you and your cousin might also like a game called ‘Mystic Messenger’, they released a Chinese version last year 🙂


      1. It is funny because when I was recommeding Mystic Messenger saying it is a game that guys call you and chat you she immediately took my phone away from me and searching in the store to download this game.

        Unfortunaly Mystic Messenger release in Traditional Chinese instead of Simplified [more young people know simplified than traditional because the words are easier] and the game promote more in Taiwan and Hong Kong,it’s a shame that overseas otomes don’t promote their games in the rest of China so others games released in China aren’t very popular because of that,I think that is another reason Mr.Love:Queen’s Choice and Love Nikki Dress up Queen popularity because this games was create in the Republic of China and promote in there even with oriented games for males release overseas in China,mostly they focuse in promote in Taiwan and Hong Kong so in the rest of the country are versions of overseas games but not the original.

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      2. Sorry for the late reply, I was on holidays. Ahh that’s such a shame to hear about Mystic Messenger’s translation. I heard a while ago that Rejet was going to do a collaboration game with a Chinese company but unfortunately the partnership ended up falling apart. Since Elex is already so established in China it would be great to see them do more female orientated games!


  3. I still wondering why they translated otome games in Traditional Chinese,It don’t make sense because this era in Mainland China the Simplified Chinese is like the official language.I think it is possible that in Hong Kong or Taiwan use Traditional Chinese,or political problems [China relationships with Japan and South Korea,it is…?]


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