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Proposed By A Demon Lord – Otome First Impressions

One of my favourite mobile otome companies, Day7, released a new game at the end of April. In Proposed by a Demon Lord you play as a woman who rushes to catch the last train home. When you get off at your station you’re magically transported to a different world where villagers name you a legendary hero. They take you to the demon world to defeat the demon king. But fighting isn’t what the demons have in mind. You’re forced to choose one of the ridiculously handsome demon lords to marry.


The game features eight love interests. Four demons control each direction (North, South, East and West) and they each have one understudy who will be the future lord of that direction. After the prologue, you can choose which demon lord to pursue. However, while the game says ‘free’ on the Android Playstore it’s not entirely. Each route has 90+ chapters (not including endings), but as a free player you only can read four out of the 90+. However, you do get free access to over 60 side-story chapters (6 stories with about 10 chapters each). In some of the routes, the first four chapters of each route also unlocks one of the three illustrations. If you’d like to buy the chapters they’re only $0.99 USD each, or you can buy all eight for $6.99 USD. Personally, I think that’s a pretty decent price.

Now, 60 and 90 are pretty big numbers. When I actually scrolled through all the chapters I was really overwhelmed. However, I’d say compared to other Day7 games, two-three chapters here could maybe equal one regular chapter. So it’s still a moderate sized game. 


As is Day7 standard, the translation for this game is pretty good. I did notice a few small spelling errors but nothing major. Also my absolute favourite thing about this translation? NO TEXT SPEAK. Oh man, I’m still not over how painful it was to get through Joel’s route in Loved by King Bs.However, I do find the game’s name to be awkwardly worded. It should be ‘Proposed to by a Demon Lord’. Other titles that would work just as well include ‘A Proposal from a Demon Lord’, ‘A Demon Lord’s Proposal’ or ‘Engaged to a Demon Lord’.

Proposed by a Demon Lord

Overall, I’m really happy to see another interesting game from Day7. This game seems to be missing quite a few things that I tend to complain about in their games. No characters use text speak and the MC doesn’t seem very immature (so far). I know a few fans will be annoyed that the game isn’t completely free. But I don’t mind. Day7 puts out so many great free games, I’m happy to support them by paying for routes. I also think it’s very generous for them to make the first four chapters free, and the side stories. I’m hoping that they will release this game on iOS soon, so that I can buy the routes and romance my favourite demon lord! 

proposed by a demon lord otome
My favourite line in the game 😂

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