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Morningdew Farms Demo Review

Morningdew farms

Morningdew Farms  is a visual novel with some farming simulation sprinkled throughout. Players can choose dialogue and actions for Cody, and also organise his life at the farm. As important as it is to get Cody a man, it’s also important to keep him alive. The demo covers about two weeks in-game, during that time you plant crops, visit the store for supplies, get to know the townspeople and begin earning a living. Because of this, the game doesn’t have a linear story to follow like most visual novels. It’s up to the player to decide how Cody spends his time.

The love interests feature quite a diverse cast which is really exciting to see. However, I don’t think I’ll be romancing Nuzzler, the literal wolf-man anytime soon [although his voice is so lovely it may sway me otherwise]. From the demo, I only gained a real grasp of three love interest’s personalities. I was actually really surprised, as before starting the game I was not interested in romancing Butch at all. Then they introduced him, and his voice actor & personality grabbed my attention instantly. I was like yes, he is a ‘hunka sexy man meat’! Rusty is quite mysterious, and I’m looking forward to learning more about him. Out of the three, the only one I’m unsure of is Jace. I was a bit thrown by his personality, but then I read on the Kickstarter that he’s a member of a cult, and wow it all made sense.

Morningdew farms game review

Morningdew farms game map

In terms of concerns, I can’t really think of much. The only things that really stuck out to me as needing some work on are quite small. But I’ll mention them anyway. Cody’s sister’s full name is Sissy Mcsisface. I know this is meant to be a bit of a gag, but it really struck me as odd. I think it would be cute enough to just have a sister called Sissy, and change the last name. A second point I’d like to bring up is that some of the character’s hair looks a bit odd, specifically, Jace’s, Rusty’s and Jeb’s. I did see someone comment this on the Kickstarter and Y Press Games replied saying they would pass it on to the artist. So it’s always good to see a developer take feedback positively and use it to improve their game.

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing the demo of Morningdew Farms. It’s a fun and sexy game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can find a download link for the demo at the game’s Kickstarter page. Make sure to pledge if you enjoyed it, as is always the case with Y Press Games, there’s some awesome stretch goals. The game is set to be released in December 2019, with 250,000 words and 200 CGs.

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