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Otome News Round Up for May 2019

I usually aim to post these round ups at the end of the month, however, I’m currently on holiday. It’s kind of hard to keep up with all the happenings, so I figured I’d post this one a bit early and if I miss anything over the next 5 or so days, they can go in the June round up. So, with that explained, let’s check out the otome happenings for May 2019.

Game Announcements/ Updates

Otome news round up May 2019Sometime in the last update, Klab migrated the Chinese server over to the Global server for UtaPri. Many players assumed that they would increase the tiers for events, but they haven’t. This is frustrating for both global and Chinese players alike, as events have become substantially more competitive. Hopefully Klab will work out some compromise so it’s fair for all players.

Limited Run Games has announced that they will be releasing a physical copy for London Detective Mysteria. You can buy just the game for $39.99 or the soundtrack bundle for $54.99. As you can guess from the name, the copies are limited, there’s only 2800 copies of the game, and 400 copies for the bundle. I did review the game recently and had mixed feelings on it. You can read the full review over here.

Aksys Games had an otome panel at Momo Con over the weekend. Many were hoping that they might have a new announcement, but unfortunately no such luck. One attendee asked what console they would be looking at for future releases. They said that they could not disclose any information. I did contact Aksys when I was writing up my Otome and the Switch post, but they never responded to me 😦  guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

New Releases this Month

Mr Love Queen's Choice otome game

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice has been released worldwide. I wrote a more detailed ‘first impressions’ post (linked down below), but I’ll still give a brief summary of my thoughts here. The game has a really interesting premise, and the art is quite beautiful. However, I found the actual game mechanics a little overwhelming and the gacha system really odd. I’m unsure if I’ll continue to play the game, as it felt very ‘meh’ to me.

Upcoming Updates

Ikemen Vampire trailerCybird have announced that Ikemen Vampire will be released this year in Summer. They also released a trailer for the game, and dear me the voice acting is incredible. To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of vampire stories BUT IF THEY SOUND LIKE THAT SIGN ME UP. From the trailer, it seems you’re visiting the Louvre when you discover a random mansion filled with the greatest men in history. They’re out for your body and your blood 😉 One thing in the trailer that did me laughing was that you have all these great historical people like William Shakespeare and Van Gogh and then there’s a random butler called Sebastian. Anyway check out the trailer over here.

Fxxx Me Royally is 100% translated and 54% edited. The editing has an almost a 20% increase from last roundup, perhaps we’ll get some pre-order news soon.

No word on The Ssum, you can read a timeline of events over here.

No word on A3, the game was announced for worldwide release in June 2018.

Otome Posts on TwoHappyCats

I did try to post a bit more this month on Two Happy Cats. Unfortunately, I’m going through a really bad visual novel burn out. As such a lot of my posts have been first impressions or demo reviews. I’m finding it hard to push myself through a full length visual novel. Let me know if you have any suggestions on getting through a burn out, in the comments!

First Impressions of Mr. Love Queen’s Choice – over here

Eugene Wainwright (Lost Alice) walkthrough – over here

First Impressions of Proposed by a Demon Lord – over here



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    1. Thank you, after I wrote my review I read a few others and it seemed everyone was writing glowing recommendations. I do hope that XSEED works on some more otome games, there’s no doubt that their translations are great, just gotta pick a better project to do them for.

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      1. I hope those people truly did enjoy it! I am a little jaded after seeing so many tumblr posts pushing people to write good reviews for any otoge that are released to English speaking audiences, however, simply because so few ever are localized. It’s really sad…but as you said, XSEED are one of the best teams to have on a project 🙂 I can only hope better games are chosen for the future.

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