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Lost Alice is Moving to Story Jar

After the release of Eugen Wainwright in Lost Alice, many fans thought the story was over (including me). This was because when a new character is released, the NTT Solmare often teases the next character in the ‘character selection’ screen. I’ve also noticed a significant dip in the quality of the stories since the Grimm trio. So, while I was sad that the app may have been ending, I thought it was time to put it to bed. However, a few hours ago NTT Solmare announced that this is not the case. Lost Alice will be moving over to their app Story Jar and not everyone is happy.

Lost alice moving to story jar

Lost alice story jar
Oof see the 110+ angry reactions? Blocked out names for privacy

Story Jar has a bit of a notoriety for being quite money grubby. To select the best choice and get the CG you need to spend diamonds. In Lost Alice you can get the best choice and CGs without using any items! The app is vertical so the CG that I did get looks awkwardly cropped (see the black bars on the top and bottom) and a bit small. 

I also find the interface quite frustrating. When you first download the app you’re randomly thurst into a story which you can’t exit out of unless you close the app completely. Only when you re-open the app  you’re taken to the actual home screen and can choose your own story to start. Additionally, you only get two story tickets at a time, each ticket takes two hours to replenish. While this is quicker than Lost Alice (4 hours replenishment), not everyone can keep checking their phones to make sure tickets and time don’t go to waste! This post goes into more detail on some of the issues of Story Jar as a F2P player. Please note that this post is from January 2019, I’m not sure if the app has been updated/ changed since then. 


On top what we can actually expect from the Lost Alice game. From the announcement we can tell two things. First of all, they intend to make Story Jar more affordable. As I always say on this blog, it’s great to see developers listen to their fans and implement changes. Secondly, that they will be continuing the app. From the image on the bottom left hand corner we can see the silhouettes of Jade, the Queen of Hearts and I believe Isaac. So it’s possible those three will be upcoming routes for Alice. 

I’m sure more details will come in the future, most importantly, I want to know how our data will be transferred over. Also, with this transfer will the old app be defunct? As it’s clear from above, I’m not a fan of the Story Jar app, and am unsure if I’ll continue to play Lost Alice after this move. 

Update #1 – 12 June 2019

Shall we Date Lost Alice story jar

What do you think about Lost Alice‘s move? Let me know, in the comments!

6 thoughts on “ Lost Alice is Moving to Story Jar

  1. I commented on the original post, but I will comment what I said here:

    I don’t play these games too much anyways, so it won’t be a big deal for this game in my opinion to move to Story Jar. I may love this game, but SWD has made their decision. In the players view, it’s a bad move but they made their bed so they must deal with the consequences of their choices on their games. If they lose customers, it will be their own fault and they will have no one to blame but themselves. I may work less than 20 hours a week at my job, but I sometimes buy things I want for the games I do play. I do not spend hundreds of dollars because it is not something that I have plenty of. I have played Story Jar, but I do not play it often since I work and get distracted. Freely express your opinions if you do not agree with what is going on in their games. You have your right to speak out about this! I love their games, but one day I may no longer have the will to play them. This is my opinion, so take this with a grain of salt. Thank you.

    It’s their choice, but it does not mean they should make it hard for their players to play their favorite games. My opinion may be different than yours, but if they do this to their other games, then I don’t know what I am going to do.

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    1. Thank you for the comment! I definitely agree with what you said. It’s ultimately SWD’s decision and we’ll just have to see how it plays out. They’re also the ones with the data on how many downloads are happening and purchases. Heck, Story Jar could be a massive success for them and I just don’t know it because I’m basing my opinion on what’s been shown through Facebook comments. Although speaking of FB comments, I had another look at the post and gosh people getting quite vitriol about the situation. I’ve followed the FB account for some time and its very rare that SWD changes something just because fans have gotten angry/upset over it. So it’s probably best for all of us to just wait until more information comes out about how the game will be set up in Story Jar. But yes, fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen to any of the others apps, I’d be lost without Love Tangle 😭😭


      1. Maybe Story Jar can be successful, but it will all depend on how they decide to use the app/use the changes they make to ‘make’ it better or not. I don’t even get a chance to play these games anymore since I am so busy with my current job, so most of the times they don’t get touched for awhile. I don’t know what they will do to Love Tangle, but hey maybe they won’t do anything… yet.

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      2. Definitely agree, there’s a lot of potential there, I just hope SWD listens to the fans on how best to improve it. I’m the same, I haven’t touched Love Tangle properly since the twins came out and even then I don’t think I finished the routes *sobs*


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