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Otome News Round Up for June 2019

I’m back with another otome news round up post. I believe this is my third or fourth one, anyway I’ve finally worked out what headings I want to use and stick to. So these posts will be divided into four categories: ‘new releases this month’, ‘announcements’, ‘status updates’ and ‘posts on two happy cats’. The first and last section are self-explanatory. For the second one, ‘announcements’ it’ll be a bit of a mixed bag. I’ll be including announcements for new games as well as major changes to already released games here. The final one will just be updates on games which have been announced. 

As I published my round up post early last month, some news in this article is from the very end of May.

New Releases this Month

Ayakashi romance reborn review

A day in the life of Maria, the fan disc for The Bell Chimes for Gold has been released on Steam. I actually supported this game on Kickstarter and am really excited to see its release. I haven’t reviewed it as I haven’t finished the first game yet. But I’ll give a quick low-down on my thoughts. Generally I really enjoyed the game, I adored Maria as a protagonist and the writing was great. I’ve currently romanced 3 bachelors and I found   1 (Brian) to be extremely off putting. The game is also vertical and seems like it’d be better to play on a  phone or table than a computer. Please note that while the first game has a NSFW and SFW version, the fan disc is 18+ only. You can check the game out over here.

The much anticipated Ayakashi: Romance Reborn was released mid this month. I had the opportunity to interview the localisation game director and also wrote my first impressions on the game, so make sure to check those articles out, links below. Overall, I had quite a bit of fun with this game, the story is intriguing and the game mechanics are not overwhelming. I was pretty disappointed by the CGs in the game also there are so many chapters to read (45) before getting to the individual romance route, we’ll see if I stick with it.


London Detective Mysteria review

More London Detective Mysteria news this month. XSEED have announced they will be releasing the game for PC this summer. While there’s no exact date, the price for the standard edition will be $29.99 and deluxe (including artbook and soundtrack) $39.99.  As I said in last month’s roundup, I had a mixed reaction to the game. You can read the full review over here.

NTT Solmare have announced a new original mobile game titled Obey Me! From pictures on their Facebook page it looks like it has to do with devils/ demons. The game will be available to try out at Anime Expo in early July 2019.

NTT Solmare have announced that Lost Alice will be moving over to their app Story Jar (article on this below)

KLab have announced they will be expanding the tiers for Shining Live. This is great news and hopefully will ease the strain of ranking. 

During Otomate Party it was announced that Collar x Malice will receive an anime adaption and a second stage play. There’s no news on which studio will be taking on the production. For some reason I’ve never really enjoyed watching otome anime, the adaptations tend to strip away personality away from the heroine. Let’s hope that they do justice to Ichika. On a very hopeful note, I wonder if Aksys Games will announce the fan disc soon?

Status Updates

Otome news round up

Fxxx Me Royally is 100% translated and 54% edited. MangaGamer will also be at AX in early July and have a project announcement. Fingers crossed it’s an otome or a BL game. Not to give into wishful thinking but I reckon the chances are pretty high that it will be one of the two, given MG’s licensing survey results. 

Ikemen Vampire is still planned for a Summer release, no specific date has been announced.

No word on The Ssum, you can read a timeline of events over here.

No word on A3, the game was announced for worldwide release in June 2018.

Otome Posts on TwoHappyCats

Another quiet month over here on Two Happy Cats.

6 thoughts on “Otome News Round Up for June 2019

  1. I was glad to see Broccoli finally talk about the next UtaPri game. Been waiting. Wish it could it have been released a couple of years ago for Vita, but it sounds like it may be a reboot of the original game instead of a sequel? Or set in the anime universe maybe?

    I know you weren’t thrilled with Mysteria, but I did pick it up for Vita since it’s going to be a rare game. After the trouble of getting it, I’m kind of tempted to keep it sealed though and just play a digital version!

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    1. Omgosh I didn’t even see the news about the next UtaPri game, thanks for telling me!! It definitely would have been great on the vita, although I have heard rumours that Broccoli apparently is really protective of their games and doesn’t want anything to be translated which, if true, is really disappointing.

      Oh my gosh the limited edition sets did look gorgeous, I was very tempted too!! Have you played it yet? Would love to hear your thoughts ^_^

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      1. I imagine Broccoli wants to charge $$$$ for their stuff, which is disappointing. Maybe there’s a better chance now that it’s coming to Switch versus the niche PSP/Vita, but of course it’s still highly unlikely. I’m not a huge fan of crowdfunding, but something like UtaPri would be a good candidate

        I haven’t gotten my copy of Mysteria yet. Supposed to ship soon though.

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