How Time Flies…

Wow, it’s been seven long months since I’ve been on this blog. Needless to say my hiatus extended far longer than I ever anticipated. I almost don’t know what to say. As I guess in my hiatus post, I’ve been absolutely wiped out from full time work. I get home, my brain is numb and I just collapse in bed and stare at the ceiling until bed time. Blogging only entered my mind as a guilty thought – that I had abandoned my readers. The longer I left the blog, the less I wanted to return. 


December rolled around, and my manager informed me that while my work was having severe budget issues my contract could be extended until 31 March 2020. However, in January 2020 I moved teams and my work changed. I absolutely hated my new work, it was even more draining and my self esteem was all over the place. Thankfully mid January I had a trip to Japan that saved my sanity. Long story short, on Tuesday this week, a new manager came and told me the budget ran out and my contract has finished up. Which has lead me back to here…

So What’s Going On With Two Happy Cats?

To be completely honest, I have no idea. I haven’t played any otome games since I went on hiatus, not been watching much anime and my manga reading has dropped off. I’m not sure what content I should be bringing to this blog. My most recent interest has been figurines, but I find it difficult to write review posts about them. Perhaps I might do monthly news round ups? Only time and inspiration will tell…

Things I do Know…

Comments disabled: One of the things I love the most about blogging is the comments I get on my posts, it’s also the thing I hate the most about blogging. For every hundred positive, lovely comment is one shitty comment. And guess which one is the one I focus on? Yep, that one stupid, bad comment. I ruminate over it, get upset, I’ve even cried over a comment or two. Essentially, I want to gently ease myself back into blogging, and once I feel comfortable enough I’ll definitely be turning comments back on, but for now I just want to dip my toes into the water. 

Yuri on Ice

Social Media Down?: Along with comments, I’ve taken down a few of my social media, mainly Tumblr and Facebook. Twitter is currently down while I work out if I want it or not. I just remember spending hours and hours on these websites when I was in the height of blogging and want to limit myself going down random rabbit holes. 

Kickstarter Promotions:While I was on break I became interested in how some of the Kickstarter campaigns I’ve featured on my blog ended. I was saddened to see that quite a few had gone quiet or MIA. My understanding of Kickstarter is that you are not guranteed a refund if a project goes MIA . You can only cancel your pledge while the funding period is still live (please correct me by emailing me if this is wrong). As such, I have decided that if I do promote a Kickstarter campaign or review a demo for a campaign I will only be doing so with companies that have a prove track record of fulfilling their campaigns. I know this is disappointing for new companies who 100% have the best intentions behind their work, and I’m sure will succeed in their goals, but I just wish for my readers to have a bit of a guarantee. 

Till Next Time!

For now, this is the only update I can provide for my blog. I am feeling a bit lost on what to write, and am just waiting for some passion or inspiration to strike me. For now, I really do thank all of my readers, especially the ones that continued to visit this blog during the hiatus period. All the best ❤