Keijo!!!!!!!! Anime Review – The Ultimate Fan Service Series?

After over ten years of watching anime I thought I had seen the full spectrum of what it can offer. From demon slaying teenagers to cat-banana mutants, it really took something special for me to go WTF. And that’s when my boyfriend introduced me to Keijo!!!!!!!!,  a series so outlandish it needs eight exclamation points. In a world not unlike our own,  the sport of keijo is prime entertainment. Women fight it out on a floating battlegrounds using only their butts and boobs. Yep, they fight ONLY with their butts and boobs. With that image in mind, I’m going to give a bit of a disclaimer. Keijo!!!!!!!! is a ridiculous series, and it’s meant to be treated as such. There’s no ground breaking animation, philosophical discourse or heart-wrenching scenes, it’s just boobs, butts and fun times. So with that in mind, let’s butt on in.

Nozomi Keijo

Keijo Kobayashi Mizu

The series follows Nozomi Kaminashi’s journey to become a prize queen of keijo (aka she wants to earn a lot of money from the sport). Her dreams are closer to becoming a reality when she enrols into a prestigious keijo academy. Each day the students undertake gruelling physical tasks to strengthen their assets and learn keijo battle theories. The story and characters follow a pretty stock standard sports anime canon – there’s the super overpowered top of the class character, arrogant character who accepts another as their rival, quiet analytical character, adorable character who is actually borderline insane etc. Nozomi’s own personal journey also mimics pretty much every sports protagonist – oh I have a super powerful attack no one else has, a teacher mentors me who used a similar attack and was harmed, I’m now super powerful. Like I said above, this series isn’t bringing anything new to the table. 

But where Keijo!!!!!!!! does shine is in how much fun it is to watch. The characters, while tropey, very quickly weasel their way into your heart. From Nozomi’s money loving tendencies to Non’s compulsive clumsiness, each character is given something light hearted yet ‘memorable’ about them. I also appreciate how self-aware the series is. It’s not trying to masquerade as anything but a show of fan service and ridiculousness. And its greatest strength comes from leaning right in to it. Each episode builds on the previous’ standard of insanity. We go from episode one of just a clash of butts and boobs to techniques like titty hypnosis (where a girl swings her boobs and literally hypnotises her opponents) and butt gatling (imagine a gatling gun but with a butt). It almost becomes the most endearing part of the series seeing how they can trump the craziness of the previous episode. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the next episode pulls out something ridiculously wicked.

Keijo Kotone and Nozomi fight

Keijo soft butt

Keijo!!!!!!!!  isn’t going to be winning any awards. If we’re judging by the characters and story, without the gimmick of boobs and butts, it’s actually kind of bland. But with this gimmick it is crazy fun. Each fight scene is just you waiting to see what insane move will happen next – g-string acceleration, butt vacuum cannon, titty hypnosis. It’s a never ending stream of good humoured insanity. So yeah, the series isn’t great by traditional standards but it is a butt load of fun.