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Fin’s Route is Coming to Steam Prison 

Steam Prison is an otome game by HuneX and Dramatic Create. The game was originally released on computer with five romance options, a year later a vita release unlocked Fin as a romance option. In 2019, when MangaGamer released their localised version of the game, they based their release off the original computer release. Many fans have been hoping that Fin’s route would eventually be released. He’s such a pivotal part of Steam Prison, and a route would be a fantastic way to learn more about him outside of …well, what we’ve seen (desperately trying to keep this spoiler free!). 

Today, MangaGamer announced that Fin will indeed be coming to Steam Prison as a standalone expansion. In a video by the company’s president, Bamboo, he explained in the route Fin takes the fall for the crime Cyrus is falsely accused of. As such, in this route, Cyrus’ and Fin’s roles will be reversed! The DLC will also feature extra side stories for the original five romance options. No information was provided on a release date nor how much the DLC will cost. 

For those who are not familiar with Steam Prison, in the game you play as 18 year old Cyrus who lives in a land called ‘the Heights’. Just when Cyrus’ life seems to be beginning – she’s gotten a promotion as a police officer and is about to be married – she’s framed for her parent’s murder. As punishment, she’s sent to ‘the Depths’, a land below the Heights that she’s grown up fearing. But when she arrives at the Depths she discovers a whole new world, and a chance at a new life. 

If that sounds like it’s up your alley, check out my full review of the game over here!

For now, I’ll be patiently awaiting Fin’s release and will update this post with information as it comes out! Let me know in the comments what you’re looking forward to in Fin’s route!

Fin Steam Prison Route release

Update 17 September 2020Fin’s route has now been announced to be on sale 15 October! If you pre-order, the game is $8.95, otherwise it will be sold for $9.95. The DLC will contain Fin’s route as well as some after stories and side stories. I hope to have a review on here as soon as it’s released. If you’d like to help TwoHappyCats out please consider using my affiliate link to order the game.


3 thoughts on “Fin’s Route is Coming to Steam Prison 

  1. I really thought that Fin has its own route in the game but sadly there aren’t one with a happy end with him 😥 Aww man, Fin was like love at first sight for me, I love him more than the other routes out there

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