Akudama Drive Episode 4 Review : Speed

Much like the 1994 Keanu Reeve’s film, Akudama Drive‘s fourth episode was a non-stop, exhilarating ride. After successfully making their way on the shinkansen last week, the Akudama crew make their way through it to the vault. But they quickly discover they’re not the only ones on the ride. Our favourite executioners are hot on their trail. As the shinkansen zooms towards the decontamination zone, where all organic matter on board will be broken down, this week’s episode was not only a fight between the akudama and executioners but also a fight against time. 

Akudama Drive Hacker

Akudama Drive Swindler

There was so much to love about this week’s episode but let’s start off with the obvious – the fight scene. Well, I say ‘scene’, but fighting was pretty much the whole episode. There were just so many amazing, heart pounding shots and segments in the episode – I’m pretty sure my computer storage is filled with screenshots.  Key amongst them? Brawler catching a bullet with his mouth and spitting it back thus shooting an executioner. That’s the kinda ridiculous only-seen-in-action-films crazy that I just eat up. Also you can 100% bet I did a little cheer when Punk hit the executioner to look after Brawler!

I also have to say my love for Swindler / Ordinary Person is just growing each and every episode. She’s really holding her own against these characters who appear so much larger than life – telling them off and directing them. From being the character I was the most nervous about, she’s become my favourite. Unfortunately, Doctor is slowly falling through the ranks – she just seems to be there, for the sake of being there. She doesn’t really add anything to the story and isn’t a compelling personality. 

Akudama Drive Cutthroat

Akudama Drive Executioner

Each week of Akudama Drive just gets better and better. Now that we’re 1/3 of the way through the series, I can’t wait to see what craziness awaits us. I am still hoping for a little bit more character development, specifically from the Doctor who just seems to be there to make weird remakes. But I can’t fault it after that cliffhanger reveal at the end of this week’s episode. I can’t wait till the episode next week!! If you haven’t watched the episode yet, watch it right now! Also, make sure to stick around for a post-credit scene at the end.

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