Akudama Drive Episode 5 Review : Dead Man Walking

It seems the Akudama can celebrate a job well done after saving the children from the train’s vault. But they’ve forgotten one key point – they’re in the middle of nowhere and the kids need a ride out. But not all the Akudama come along for the return journey, with Hacker staying behind to try to finally achieve his dream of going to Kanto. While the rest of the group  begin heading back to Kansai to take the children to their undisclosed destination, questions begin floating about who the kids are and how much the group can actually trust them. 

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To be honest, this episode threw me a bit. It seemed the characters were all over the place. Hacker was just told that if he continued the train onto the decontamination zone, he’d be obliterated and more so, by the children, that Kanto isn’t a safe place. But he wants to go because he’s so ‘bored with life’. It just wasn’t a very satisfactory reason to risk his life, more to the point the build up of the last two episode’s hinting at his Kanto dream just fizzled out. But, I don’t doubt that we’ll see him again, one way or another. 

Perhaps my biggest peeve this episode was with Swindler. Doctor is asking the children questions about their origins and plans, and Swindler tells her she’s bullying them. Uh – Swindler, you might have forgotten those ‘sweet’ kids put a bomb collar on you!? It’s more than reasonable for Doctor to question who they are and their intentions, especially since the Akudama are putting their lives on the line for them. But oh, according to Swindler, let’s not upset the children! And Cutthroat off to the side soaking in a bathtub going “she’s so beautiful”. This whole segment just had me shaking my head at how ridiculous it was. The only way this would make sense is if Swindler has some vested interest in keeping the children’s secrets, well, secret. I know some fans are speculating whether she’s a mole, I’ve got my own theory, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. 

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Towards the episodes end we had a bit more of look into the executioners as well as a little info video of the Kyushu Plant. I vaguely remember an episode or two ago it was mentioned that Courier’s bike was made at the plant, so it’s exciting to get more information about it. I’m also a little annoyed at myself for not drawing a parallel between these little info videos and the Monokuma Theatre bits in the Danganronpa game. They have the same uneasy feel about them. 

While I did have an issue with the way characters acted in this episode, as always I did enjoy watching it. With all of Kansai’s executioners after the group, next week’s episode is set to be a very exciting one. Let’s just hope that the Akudama actually make decent decisions next week. On a completely unrelated note, Two Happy Cats finally hit over 900 WordPress followers and 600 published posts (I believe this post is number 601). Just an exciting milestone I wanted to share 🙂 

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