Akudama Drive Episode 6 Review : Brother

The babysitting gig is up for the Akudama gang when the ridiculously tenacious Executioner breaks up their party. The group work to get the two kids to their destination – tag teaming in and out of the fight which grows increasingly deadly. In between scenes, we learn more about the executioners and their way of life. This all culminates, as it would in any 90s flick, with an epic showdown in the rain. How does that quote go again? – “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.” 

*More spoilers than usual ahead*

Akudama Drive review

Akudama Drive Episode 6

Much like episode four, this week’s episode was mostly dedicated to a drawn out fight sequence between the Master Executioner and the Akudama. There’s just something so enjoyable about how these fight scenes are crafted. It isn’t just kicks and punches being thrown in a messy and blurry sequence, but there’s something really quite, well, epic, about how segments are done here. Bullets being shot out, dodged and then reflected all within seconds, thunder striking a ferris wheel and the light reflecting off the rain drops -there are too many moments to share that made this episode such an enthralling watch. 

Perhaps one of the most jaw dropping moments of this week’s episode was with Cutthroat. I think in the last few episodes, he’s taken a back seat in my mind as I’ve brushed him off as an annoying character who only serves to do some fighting. But my jaw absolutely dropped when the series very unceremoniously reminded us of exactly how ruthless he is. I really have to give kudos to Swindler/ Ordinary Person for standing up to him and telling him off, not sure if I could have slapped a guy I just saw put his hand through someone’s chest. I am looking forward to seeing what the potential fallout could be as a result of this. 

Akudama Drive Cutthroat

One point I did find of particular interest is the mirroring between the Master/Student Executioners and Brawler/ Hoodlum. The latter half of the episode is mostly devoted to the Head Executioner explaining to the Apprentice the reason behind the two-man execution team system. That having someone else there, gives the Executioners a reason to fight harder to live. That this is what separates them from the Akudama – they fight for another rather than for themselves. At first it appears that Brawler is proof of that declaring that he’s only fighting because it’s fun and he wants to challenge himself. And while that may be 90% the reason behind his fighting, I do believe that, in that moment, he was fighting to protect the other Akudama.

But the real star of this moment was Hoodlum/Punk, who, throughout the series, has cemented himself as a bit of a weaselly character. But seeing his ‘brother’ dead, instead of running away like he had planned to earlier in the episode, he picks up the lightsaber jitte and rushes forward in the memory of his brother against the remaining executioner. Such an emotional moment! This segment really reinforced one long running theme in the show which is this ‘us’ and ‘them’ way of thinking, especially in regards to those ‘with’ Kanto and the demonisation of those ‘against’ Kanto. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 10.25.46 pm

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 10.26.11 pm

With this week’s episode we’ve completed half of this series! I’m having a ridiculous amount of fun watching it, but I’m just waiting for it to give me something more than fights and gags. I want to get to know the characters better and uncover the secrets of Kanto (although I’m sure the latter will be coming). I’ll definitely continue to watch this crazy story unfold, let me know if you have any theories on what could be coming up, down in the comments!

Also nobody complain that most of the screenshots are of that Master executioner guy, he’ll always be my husbando of Fall 2020. Even if it was short lived…just me at the end of the episode like


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  1. “This all culminates, as it would in any 90s flick, with an epic showdown in the rain” That already sounds seriously cool!😀
    I have to admit as you warned of heavy spoilers ahead, I didn’t read the whole post, as I hope to check this one out for myself at some point!😊

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