Akudama Drive Episode 7 Review: The City of Lost Children

As the dust clears from last week’s epic battle, an unlikely characters makes their way back to the main group. Hoodlum has somehow survived his match with the executioner with barely a scratch on him. The group don’t question this, and barely have time to mourn their other friend’s death before they head deeper into the location the children have guided them to. Now moments away from their goal, the children finally reveal who they are and their past. But just when everything seems wrapped up in a neat bow, it all unravels with a very unlikely betrayal.

Akudama Drive Hoodlum

Akudama Drive Children

I was so glad this episode finally gave us some backstory on what’s up with those kids! While my own theory was somewhat similar to the reveal, it didn’t make it any less of a gut punch.  But while one question has been answered, so many more have popped up. And I suppose that is where lies my real enjoyment for this series – the world it has created it so filled with intrigue and lore that I just want it all written down so I can properly explore it. What exactly happened between Kanto and Kansai, why were the kids created and who is this headmaster!? So many questions, and now only five episodes to find out the answers!

But, while there’s no doubt that I’m enjoying the show, let’s be honest, some of it just straight up doesn’t make sense. Why did the boy push Swindler and his sister into the rocket and not go in himself? There was room enough for him, and it’s not like he had to distract the Executioners from stopping the rocket – it was moments from taking off. How did no-one question that Hoodlum was able to defeat the female executioner? It’s clear she could pretty much could kick all their butts, Hoodlum’s especially. This week’s episode also highlighted how strong the Master Executioner was, he could easily hold his own agains the whole Akudama gang, while teams of executioners couldn’t take on even one Akudama. So, if the Master Executioner was so strong – why on earth did the head executioner just let him waltz to his death in the last episode? She was well aware that he would be risking his life, and didn’t seem to care either way. For any of these to make sense you have to believe the characters are truly stupid beyond saving. And with each passing episode, the small plot holes will only grow larger and more concerning. 

Akudama Drive episode 7

Akudama Drive boy

Over the last seven episodes, I’ve found the series to be a bit of a quality rollercoaster and I think I’ve found the crux of the issue. The series suffers from bad writing. Characters act certain ways, not because its in their character or because it makes sense, but because for the pre-conceived plot to work they need to. Once I noticed it, it was hard to get on board with the story, as everything just felt flimsily patched together. It’s frustrating because if as much thought had been put into the plot as the design and premise, it would have been fantastic. But, even with that frustration, I am definitely still looking forward to the rest of the latter half of the series. Let’s hope it picks up its game plot-wise. 

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