Higurashi When They Cry – Gou Episode 8 Review

After slipping and revealing her true self in last week’s episode, this week we learn that Rika has gone missing. The class works to try and find her, but to no avail and they’re all sent home for the day. But not before Keiichi has a chilling encounter with Mion who claims Rika is working to kill them all. Once back in the relative safety of his home, Keiichi receives a call from Mion inviting him over to the imposing Shinozaki mansion. While Keiichi has learnt of Hinamizawa’s past, could the mansion’s grounds hold the truth for the current mysteries plaguing the town? 

*Spoilers ahead*

Higurashi New Mion

Higurashi Gou Mion Keiichi

Just as Rika predicted at the end of last week’s episode – this week’s episode lead to a ‘bad ending’. Keiichi once again ends up in hospital with all of his friends dead. So far, I think we can conclude that the right path starts with Keiichi watching Rika dance and that Tomitake and his friend always die. Besides that I have no idea who to trust, or to be suspicious of in this series. I’m not even sure if it’s a supernatural show or just the whole village is consumed by their own cult paranoia. Mion has brought up a lot to think about regarding the ‘three great families’ of Shinozaki and their involvement in the ‘curse’. As the next arc is called curse deceiving chapter, I hope we’ll learn more about these bloodlines. 

Honestly, one of the things that I’m loving about Higurashi is not how it just goes from 0 to 100 very quickly. But how it goes 0 to 100 and then to an entirely different plane all together. I was already shocked when Mion was shaking the ladder as Keiichi was on it, but then to take him to a torture chamber, AND THEN lock him up? Wow, just wow. This series really never fails to surprise me by what insanity it pulls out of the hat next. And you know what? None of it compares to how shocked I am by how unfazed Keiichi is. One moment, he’s freaking out that Mion is gonna throw him off the ladder, the next they’re joking about being cold in winter. Mion shows him her family’s torture chamber and he just keeps walking around, not a single drop of fear in him. I suppose it’s like water off a duck’s back. 

Higurashi when they cry Mion

Higurashi When They Cry 2020 Mion

This week’s episode marked the end of the Cotton-Deceiving arc, next week we’ll be back at the beginning of June to see how the Curse-Deceiving arc will play out. As each arc appears to focus on one of Keiichi’s friends, I believe Satoko may be the main focus of the new arc. She’s definitely not my favourite character, but I am very interested to learn more about her connection to Rika (they seem to be best friends). But back to this week’s episode, it shouldn’t be a surprise that as  always, I loved it. I can’t wait till next week, and the temptation to play the games is getting way too real. 


Keiichi when he saw the torture chamber

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