Akudama Drive Episode 9 Review: The Shining

Kansai descends into chaos as vigilante justice runs rampant and the crowds grow increasingly fearful of the still at large S-rank Akudama. With the police and executioner forces distracted, Courier, Swindler and Sister head to the executioner headquarters to try and save Brother. But it’s not the headquarters security they need to worry about when they arrive. Cutthroat is waiting for them, and his true desires come to light. On the other side of town, Hoodlum and Doctor are largely out of harm’s way, hiding out in a hotel room. In a short scene between them, we finally learn the reason behind Doctor’s betrayal. 

Akudama Drive episode 9

Akudama Drive episode 9

The star of this week’s episode was Cutthroat, and by star, I mean terrifying nightmare fuel. Cutthroat’s almost childlike façade is stripped away as he chases Swindler through the Executor HQ. True to the name of this week’s episode, the scene is so reminiscent of Jack chasing Wendy through the hotel with an axe. It all culminates in a recreation of that iconic scene – breaking down the door as the victim hides in a bathroom. The segment was truly stunning, stunning in the sense that I was terrified. Each unnatural tick and jerk of Cutthroat’s body seemed straight out of a horror movie and the voice acting! One moment cold and calm, and the next angry, manic whisperings. It was such a well crafted second half of the episode and probably one of the best parts of the series so far. As terrified as I was, I couldn’t get enough of it! 

Now, onto two smaller notes. Firstly, it was so adorable to see Sister and Swindler become so close and truly like siblings. It’s clear how much Sister trusts Swindler and she even acts a little protective of her, especially when Courier called her a shit. Every segment with the two of them was just too cute. On a separate note, this week’s episode also had hints of Hacker. I have to admit, I had pretty quickly written him off as dead after he stayed on the train to Kanto, but he seems to still have a hand to play in this series. In the opening segments, the feed with the two mascots seems to be interrupted and later on one of his drones falls out of Couriers bag opening a previously locked door. It will be interesting to see if he ever did get to Kanto, and if he did, what he learnt. 

Akudama Cutthroat eyes

Akudama The Shining

That was a wild ride. There’s no other way to describe it. The entire second half of the episode, from where they meet Cutthroat onwards I was gripping my seat. It was probably the most tense moments of the series so far. I really had my doubts on how this series would end after episode 7, and while not all the concerns are completely alleviated, I can say the series has really hit the next level in quality.  I can’t imagine what the series pulls out of the bag for next week’s episode, but I certainly can’t wait to see! 

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