Akudama Drive Episode 10 Review: Babel

Kansai threatens to tear itself apart as the anti-Akudama protests reach fever pitch. On the quieter side of town, Courier and Swindler race to catch up to the Executioners holding Brother prisoner. But they’re not the only ones on the move, Hoodlum and Doctor are following close behind. All three groups face off back where it all started – the Shinkansen station. But just when it seems Brother could be freed, Doctor turns the tables and quite literally holds all their lives in her hands. 

Akudama Drive Swindler and SisterAkudama Drive Kansai The main Akudama gang aside for a moment, let’s talk about the Executioners and how absolutely ruthless they are. A similar phrase as said in an earlier episode but was repeated in this one -this idea of Akudama having no hearts and being ‘different’ to the Exeuctioners. It’s this idea that I suppose Executioners hold onto so they don’t have any guilt or second thoughts slaughtering Akudama – in their minds they’re barely human. However, I believe at some stage, maybe when Executioners get to a high enough rank this indoctrination changes from ‘Akudama are bad’ to ‘Anyone who threatens Kanto is bad’. It’s not even the idea of ‘protecting’ Kanto but keeping them appeased through things like offerings. Even just the idea of having Kanto hear about the commotion was a point of fear for both Head Executioner and the Police Chief. The fact that Kanto has such a hold over the people in Kansai isn’t any surprise, but it’s definitely horrifying to see so many citizens of Kansai be slaughter in the name of ‘not upsetting Kanto’.

The final confrontation with Doctor, while tense, did feel a little bit empty. I did feel at times her character was a bit contrived, her postures, facial expressions and really random comments like “didn’t I tell you to stop being a feminist?” just seemed too theatrical to enjoy. But in saying that, the reveal that she was the reason for Brawler’s death felt like an absolute gut punch. I noticed in the previous episode Cut Throat was limping and one of his legs looked purple and rotting, I wonder if Doctor had sabotaged his treatment as well. Either way, it just goes to show how conniving she is. I believe at that point (patching up Brawler) she hadn’t even known of the Children’s abilities but she knew they were worth something if they were offerings to Kanto.

On a smaller note, I still find it hard to believe that Hoodlum managed to injure the female Executioner but from her reaction to him, it’s clear it did happen. It’s sad to see all that bravery simmered and he had to latch onto Doctor to feel like he could survive. But while I would have loved him to continue on in the show, I think both he and Doctor had quite a fitting end. I’m sure Brawler would have been proud of him! 

Akudama Drive episode 10

Akudama Drive Hoodlum

If the post-credit scene is anything to go by, I believe next week we’ll finally learn the truth of Kanto and reunite with an old friend. So far more than half of the original Akudama gang have died, and with the way it’s going, it’s hard to imagine the last two episodes will spell anything different for the survivors. But one thing is for certain, whatever happens, it’ll be an enjoyable watch.

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7 thoughts on “ Akudama Drive Episode 10 Review: Babel

  1. I thought the three way confrontation in the station was really tense. Oddly enough it reminded me of the different parties clashing on the train in Baccano! I actually quite liked Doctor in that she’s a character you love to hate by how despicable she turns out.

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    1. Thank you for checking out the post ☺️! I really have to watch Baccano! At some point, I’ve heard it’s such a good series. I heard that there’s a manga of the series ongoing which has some stuff that may not be in the series, I wonder if they’ll explore doctor’s character a bit more, keen to hear her backstory 🤔

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      1. Thank you for writing! Baccano is actually one my favourites so I definitely recommend it if you like twisty narratives. Plus it’s quite short and easy to binge! ☺️Yeah, I think doctor would have an interesting backstory considering her fixation on control. I would have liked to know more about cutthroat’s red halo thing as well!

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      2. Ooh you’ve sold me on it! I’ll put it on my holiday watch list ☺️ Oh yes, definitely!! Ahh I really wish the series didn’t have to squeeze everything into just 12 episodes, so much to learn and explore about the different characters 😭😭

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