Jon’s Creator Showcase December 2020 – Submission Round Up

This month, I’ve been so honoured to host the Jon Spencer Creators Showcase. Over the course of December, creators submitted their best and favourite works that they published in November 2020. In total I received thirty one submissions all of which are incredible. Please make sure to check out the posts below and give each of these creators some love! I’ve tried to put the ‘by’ as the website name and inside my blurb the author name, however please let me know if I got something wrong!

happy anime girl


10 Similar Anime to Psychic Princess (Tong Ling Fei) by Yu Alexius Anime Portal

In this listicle, Yu Alexius shares with us ten anime to check out if you enjoyed the Chinese anime series Psychic Princess. With each recommendation, Yu Alexius gives an overview of what the series is about and what makes it so enjoyable. To be honest, I haven’t watched much Chinese anime, but after looking through these recommendations I can definitely say that will change. There’s some very interesting series to add to your watch list!

Akira by Art of Anime

There’s quite a few older anime in this showcase that I’ve always wanted to check and Akira is definitely at the top of the list. In this post, Art of Anime looks at the recently released remastered Akira film, discussing their favourite moments in the film as well as some parts that didn’t quite hit the mark.  A very enjoyable review to read through. 

Black Lagoon by This is My Place

Many, many years ago I had a random poster of Revy in my bedroom even though I had never watched Black Lagoon. The review of the series from Fred certainly confirms that younger me had a good thing going! Fred really captures the dark and gritty essence of the series in his review – now I just have to decide whether I should watch the anime or read the manga!

black jack gif

Black Jack (1993) – A Good, Traveling Doctor by Mechanical Anime Reviews

Following his review of the Black Jack film, Scott reviewed the ten episode OVA series.  To be honest, while I’ve definitely heard of Black Jack , my experience is severely limited. And judging from Scott’s post, I’ve been missing on some incredible content! Scott discusses what made the series so enjoyable, from the various patients/ scenarios the series features to what makes Black Jack such an interesting character. It was such an enjoyable read, especially since I could really feel his passion for the series. Also, yes, I would definitely read an in-depth post about each episode!!!

Divergence Eve is a ★★★★☆ and Divergence Eve 2 is a ★★☆☆☆︱Eldritch Horror in Space by Egg Head Luna

In this post, Luna truly shows us that you can’t judge an anime by its cover…or its balloon boobs. Luna’s review has definitely sold me on the series, despite the fair warnings of the seemingly roller coaster quality but what I loved most about the post was her in-depth look at each person who worked on the series. Luna takes the time to list each cast member’s other works (Director, Writer, Voice Actors), noting which ones are worth watching as well as providing some commentary to their work on Divergence Eve. While the whole post was fantastic, I specifically really enjoyed reading these insightful comments! 

Ghost Stories: The lightning bolt that struck future comedy by Luna Hollenbeck (GONZO.MOE)

I think you’ll be hard pressed to find an anime fan who hasn’t heard of the infamous Ghost Hunter dubs. And while I’ve always kinda shook my head at how ridiculous the dubs are, I never realised the implications it has had for the dubbing industry. In this article Luna goes into detail about the history behind the dub and how it has left its lasting mark on the dubbing industry as a whole. This was a very interesting article and it really changed the way I looked at dubbing!

High School Fleet: The Movie- An Anime Film Review, Reflection and Full Recommendation by The Infinite Zenith

In this post, Zenith has an in-depth look at the anime film High School Fleet: The Movie. What I enjoy about Zenith’s blog is that they don’t just provide a review, summary or quick analysis, through the post Zenith includes multiple screenshots through the film and has a paragraph underneath with their thoughts and reflections of the scene. This extra commentary really makes you feel like you’re watching the film along with Zenith, and I can imagine if I had seen the film it’d be very interesting to read their thoughts on certain segments and compare it to my own! A very well-written and detailed post everyone should check out!


In Defence of Isabella – The Promised Neverland by The Otaku Author

Isabella is definitely one of my favourite anime characters, and Lyn Sheridan’s post goes into perfect detail about why she is such an enigma, Looking back at Isabella’s past, the hints of what we know about the society in Promised Neverland and Isabella’s own nature, Lyn builds a very interesting case of defence for Isabella. A very intriguing read for watchers of The Promised Neverland, especially since season 2 will be out next month!

Land Of The Lustrous Episode 8 Review – Best In Show by Crows World of Anime

Crow’s interesting and detailed episodic reviews for both seasonal and previously airing anime always make for an incredible read. In this review, Crow looks at episode 8 of the Land of the Lustrous, and even though I haven’t seen the series, just reading the review it was such an emotionally charged ride. Crow perfectly captured the energy of every scene, and provided such an in-depth look at how the episode played out, the character’s reactions and development, I could almost see it all happening! And now I have another series on my ‘to watch’ list!

Lupin III: The First spoiler-free review by Matt-In-The-Hat

Just like Black JackLupin III  is another long running series that I really have to check out. In this review Matt looks at the 2019 3D film that is the latest addition to the franchise. As a newbie to the series, I really appreciated that the beginning of Matt’s post had an overview to the history of the series and also I enjoyed reading Matt’s personal experience and his passion for Lupin III. Anyone who is thinking of checking the film out should definitely read Matt’s review!

Nothing Narrative About It–Quietly, Patiently Waiting on Fruits Basket by Shoujo Thoughts Otaku Ramblings

In this post Shoujo shares her excited anticipation (and patience) in waiting for each new Fruits Basket episode to air. Shoujo shares some of her personal experience with the series, and how it has brought some joy during these very tumultuous times. I particularly reflected on one of her last comments on it, where she said she enjoyed it without the pressure of producing content. Sometimes I find myself watching things and going “hey I should write about this” and then it just almost ruins my enjoyment. A very lovely reflective piece!

Rent-A-Girlfriend Review by BakaNow

Cody Senpai takes a look at the adorable looking anime series Rent-A-Girlfriend. While I haven’t seen this series, I did love its opening and have always been tempted to check it out. Cody’s in-depth review takes into account all the aspects of the anime and ultimately weighs up if it’s worth watching or not. It was a very well written post! Also I absolutely adore the way the website is set up and wish I had enough tech / coding / whatever magic it is know-how to make my site look half as good! 


Top 15 Characters Who Make the Best Anime Girlfriends by MyAnime2Go

Before you have your anime waifu, you gotta have your anime girlfriend. In this article YumDeku counts down their top anime girlfriends from Asuna in SAO to Winry in FMA. There are a lot of adorable and sweet characters on this list. It was definitely enjoyable reading why these special fifteen characters earned their spot on the list!

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid: Babes, Blades, and Boobs by Shallow Dives in Anime

Fans of ecchi anime should definitely check out Dewbond’s great review of the series Valkyrie Drive Mermaid and not just for the A+ puns & jokes. While I have to admit ecchi anime isn’t necessarily my first choice to watch, reading how much Dewbond enjoyed the series makes me want to give it a go. Also, just the fact the series has a special breast animator has me curious on exactly how good that boob psychics is! Should go without saying, but images in the post are NSFW! 


anime gaming gif

Hashihime of the Old Book Town BL Game Review – A Never Ending Trip into the Bizarre by Blerdy Otome

I’ve been humming and ahhing over buying the boys love game Hashihime of the Old Book Town since it was released earlier this year, but Naja’s review has certainly made me want to grab it! Her reviews are always such a joy to read – they’re informative, funny and in-depth, and this one certainly isn’t any different. I particularly appreciated how she included a mini review for each route (while being very careful not to spoil her audience). Her review answered every question/ concern I had about the game, while also giving me quite a few good laughs! Onto the ‘to play’ backlog it goes! 

Love Unholyc Otome Review by Anime Tokoyo

In this article Aiya checks out one of the latest otome mobile releases, Love Unholyc. This game is yet another one that I’ve been unsure on whether to grab and Aiya’s review definitely convinced me. She gives a rundown of the game’s premise, characters, her thoughts and also includes some handy tips on how to approach the game. Definitely check it out if you’re interested in the game! 

Manga & Manhwa

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5 Completed Classic Shoujo Manga by Yuu Watase that you should read by GeekNabe

I have a confession to make, I’ve never read a Yuu Watase manga before. But Nabe-chan’s post has made me eager to rectify that! Nabe-chan selects five of her favourite works from the iconic mangaka, giving us a rundown on each and what she loves about them most. Nabe-chan’s posts are always a lot of fun to read, and very well written, make sure to check it out if you’re looking for some shoujo manga reads! 

Fangirl (manga) Vol 1 Review by Al’s Manga Blog

Al’s blog is one of my favourite manga focused blogs, each time they make a post I just know I’m going to find a new manga that I’ll love. In this post, Al looks a the OEL manga Fangirl and wow does it sound like an emotional ride. Al’s discussion of the manga, the themes and characters, is so enjoyable to read, and I really wanted to go grab the manga myself so I could read along with Al’s comments! 

What Minty Is Currently Reading: Villainess Manhwa Series Edition by Minty (Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers)

It may just because I’ve only discovered it, but I feel like Villianess manga/ manhwa/ webtoons/ comics have had a massive rise in popularity in 2020. To help you sift through all of the series, Minty provides a detailed guide on what series they’ve been reading, what they like about it and that ever so important ‘spice level’ rating. I found a few series that I’ve been reading on the list and it was a lot of fun reading Minty’s thoughts on these series as well as discovering quite a few new ones to put on my ‘read list’. A very detailed and well written post that anyone who is interested in reading a villainess story should check out!



Anime Cosplays: Haru (Sing “Yesterday” for Me) & Masaomi Kida (Durarara!!) by Wretched and Divine

In this post Rose shares two of her latest cosplays – Haru from Sing “Yesterday” for Me and Kida from Durarara!! You can tell a lot of thought and effort has gone into making each cosplay, and they turned out fantastic. Make sure to go and have a look at her past cosplays as well!

AnimeLog unlikely to destroy Funimation and Crunchyroll with its 360p release of Fantastic Children by Gary Piano (GONZO.MOE)

Describing itself as “Japan’s first official anime channel” AnimeLog went live in mid November with some big promises. Gary takes a look at the channel, balancing up the hype for its release with the actual reality of what’s currently available and the channel’s very major flaws. A very interesting read! 

Art & TV Asahi Sunday Post by BuildKnuckle

BuildKnuckle submitted an adorable piece of Pretty Cure fan art as well as a series of tweets discussing the Sunday 8:30am timeslot TV Asahi being taken by Tropical-Rouge Precure in 2021 and why it could spell something historic for the series. Both fantastic submissions! 

Cartoon Corner: Tangled the Series/Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Review by Never Argue with a Fish

I have a confession to make, I am obsessed with the songs from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure BUT I’ve never seen the series. I can literally sing word for word “Ready as I’ll ever be” and “Crossing the Line” but have no context for the songs – it’s my biggest shame! Thankfully, Chris Joynson has finally given me the kick in the butt that I needed to finally watch the show. Chris’ review is so well written and detailed, and filled with some absolutely gorgeous fan art of the show, an absolute treat to read!

Controversed Showcase: 2020 November by The Moyatorium

A showcase within a showcase? Yes Please! Over November, Moyatori hosted a very exciting community project – the Controversed workshop. Over the four weeks, Moyatori created prompts for bloggers to engage with and create their own discussion posts on topics like reflecting on their own critical thinking, engaging with controversial issues (and providing their own opinions on it) and experiences with comments – good and bad! I highly recommend everyone check out the showcase, especially if you’re a blogger / interested in blogging – there’s so much knowledge and experience being shared in this showcase, it’s truly priceless.


…Did Somebody Say “Husbandos”? by The AniManga Spellbook

Aria provides a much welcomed follow up to a husbandos post she did as part of the 25 Days of Anime challenge back in 2018. In this post, Aria introduces us to four of her favourite male characters, and ooh boy are they some good eye candy. Looks aside for a moment, I really enjoyed reading Aria’s description of each character and why they’re on the list. Aria’s writing is so engaging and she’s definitely piqued my interest about the husbandos on her list!

Dungeon Master Advice by Nerd Rambles

One thing that has come out of 2020 for me is a new love for Dungeons & Dragons and I’ve been looking into maybe one day DM-ing my own campaign. When that day comes, I know Megan’s post on handy tips for Dungeon Masters will be invaluable. In the post, Megan shares her experiences as a DM over the last seven months, gives some reassuring tips (like you don’t need to memorise everything) and how to deal with any hiccups that pop up along the way. A fantastic resource! 

Finding Balance – #Controversed Issue 2 by Jon Spencer Reviews 

Speaking of the Controversed showcase, make sure to check out Jon’s post from the second week of the initiative.  In this post, Jon provides a very handy checklist on how to approach articles you write, especially those that might ‘stir the pot’ a bit. Jon’s guide to critical writing is a must-read for all bloggers, and has definitely helped me reflect on my own writing process. 

Podcasts & YouTube Videos


1983 and Higurashi : History repeats itself by Geek Eire

As some of you may know, I’ve been following the Higurashi Gou series this Fall anime season, so I was really looking forward to checking out this video! In this detailed video, Geek Eire goes through the historical context of 1983, how it’s represented within the TV show through characters and events and the particular symbolism of Rika as both past, present and future. Geek Eire finishes with the point to look at the dates of the anime, what happened in 1983 and what’s happening now – I will definitely be keeping this in mind as I continue to watch the show!

Doing It All ft Robbie Daymond by The Wonder of Anime

In this episode of The Wonder of Anime podcast Lisa De La Cruz is joined by the incredible voice actor Robbie Daymond. Over the hour long podcast (and let’s be honest I needed another 3 hours listening to them talk cause it was so good!) Lisa and Robbie discuss the voice acting industry, Robbie’s various roles, and POC representation in voice acting and media in general. Lisa is a very charismatic and engaging host, and the podcast was incredible to listen to. I’ll be hooked on The Wonder of Anime podcast from now on!  

Lenses In Anime – Why They Matter by Get In the Mecha

I have to admit when I watch anime I don’t tend to focus too much on the camera lenses, but Jamal’s podcast episode has certainly opened my eyes! The podcast discusses how the camera lenses are paramount in not only the construction of a scene but forming our understanding and experience of it. Jamal’s podcast is so well researched and detailed, and has certainly helped me be more thoughtful when I watch anime. 

Time Paradox Ghostwriter by Shonen Flop

With every big manga that comes out of Shonen Jump, there’s a hundred that didn’t make it. Ok that’s exaggerating but in this intriguing podcast  David Weinberger and Jordan Forbes look at all the manga that didn’t quite hit the heights of series like One Piece and Naruto.  In this episode they look at the short-lived Time Paradox Ghostwriter analysing the characters, premise and some of its failings.  A thoroughly enjoyable listen and I look forward to seeing what other series they discuss next!


That’s it for the December Jon’s Creator Showcase. Thank you so much to everyone for submitting your works for the showcase, I enjoyed reading through/ listening to all of them and am absolutely blown away by how much talent there is in the community. Make sure to keep an eye out early next year, for when Jon will open up the January 2021 showcase, but in the meantime I hope everyone has a lovely and relaxing holiday season and a happy near year!

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