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Fxxx Me Royally!! Otome Review

University students Kaoru and Ryuusei are lost for words when a princess from another world crash-lands in their backyard. Even more so when she greets them both with a passionate kiss! The two hunks soon learn that their surprise but not unwelcome visitor has arrived on Earth to explore the land she’s only seen on Magi-TV and hopefully find herself a husband. Thankfully, she won’t have to look too far as she’s landed in the laps of two very eligible bachelors. These two are immediately smitten with the assertive and adorable princess. But the two love interests quickly realise they’ll have their hands full with this sexy princess. Marika comes from the land of Kamel’toh where a kiss is a greeting and sex is a conversation. Let’s hope these boys don’t get too tongue tied in this Fxxx Me Royally review!

Fxxx Me Royally! Horny Magical Princess is MangaGamer’s latest otome release.  Kalmia8 developed and published the game in Japan in 2018. You may remember Kalmia8 as they also published and developed the game Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (another fantastic R18 otome). If you’ve checked out my review of that game, you’ll know that I absolutely adored FLML however I will try to keep comparisons to a minimum in this review!

Fxxx me royally Kaoru Fxxx Me Royally! Quick Info

Where to buy/Price?  Available on Windows only at Steam (you’ll need to log into Steam to view it) or MangaGamer website (affiliate link) – $29.95 USD

Number of Romance Options: 2 guys + 1 girl (Sana’s romance is a special ending rather than a route)

My play through order:  Kaoru –> Ryuusei –> various extra endings

First play-through time: 5 hours and 45 minutes

Total Play Time: ~12 – 15 hours 

Content Warning: During the prologue a character spikes Marika’s drink and attempts to sexually assault her. Ryuusei and Kaoru save Marika. The game branches from this point on to one of the two romance routes. While not explicit the games does heavily note that Sana revenge rapes the perpetrator and traumatises him. So much so, he has a complete personality change (this is used for ‘comedic’ effect). From what I’ve heard on Twitter, Ryuusei’s bonus story features his much younger self (that he transforms into during the game). As such I decided to skip it. 

Fxxx me royally

Fxxx Me Royally! Review

I have to admit I had a very specific idea of what I thought the game would be. I had hoped for a magical adventure with quite a few kinky scenes thrown in to satiate my deep thirst. But as I played through the prologue and realised the game was anything but, I am not shy to admit it took a bit of adjusting. It could be because of these expectations but I found the game very slow to get into. The prologue seemed to drag on, sometimes doubling back to explain points for no real reason. For example, when Marika lands on Ryuusei and Kaoru, I had expected the story to start from there. But instead the story goes on a tangent explaining the full history of Ryuusei and Kaoru’s friendship. It makes for some tedious reading and breaking up the climatic flow of the beginning.  

The prologue is, in fact, probably the weakest part of the game and could potentially turn many players off who do not have the patience or time. But if you do stick to it, it’ll be well worth your while. Rather than drama, the story is focused on ‘soft and sweet’ moments . Ultimately, building into a realistic but heartwarming tale of an everyday romance (minus the magic and otherworld royalty). We see characters connect with one another and challenge their own insecurities and complexes, as well as grow together and engage with new ideas and ways of living. The story is truly the definition of a slow burn. But, as you see characters come into their own and find their way in life, the payoff is immense. I suppose the perfect way to describe it is that ‘chicken soup for the soul’ type of reading, with a lot of sex jokes…and scenes.

Fxxx me royally marika

As someone who tends to prefer not just adventure stories but more so horror and thriller, I surprised myself by how many slice-of-life moments I genuinely enjoyed. Scenes like Marika and Ryuusei penguin watching or the group going ghost hunting always had me smiling. These scenes wouldn’t have worked as well without the build up of the game’s unique and loveable characters.  Kaoru and Ryuusei make for engaging love interests, both so different from one another but equally loveable. Kaoru is a too-serious-for-their-own-good type and Ryuusei acts the playboy but is an adorable mess. Each boy had their charms which only grew as their relationships with Marika developed and they faced their individual challenges together. Marika as a heroine didn’t completely resonate with me, but I have to applaud how sensible she is. At points where hurdles came in the relationship she’d discuss how important it is to communicate with her partner. This lead to very mature developments within the relationship that never felt shoehorned in. 

Fxxx me royally!! otome review

Fxxx me royally

In terms of the art this could be a bit of a hit or miss. Certain scenes within the game had a small ‘chibi’ image, just as with Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome. These images had cute changing facial expressions and never failed to give me a chuckle. They really added to the comedy of scenes such as the aforementioned ghost hunt or a scene where Kaoru shows Marika his bonsai (no innuendo there). I also have to applaud that the game did have quite a few sprites for side characters, mainly Marika’s friends at university. It’s always great to put a face to a voice. But, what I really felt let down by was the game’s CGs.

Not counting in the sex nor the ending CGs, in Ryuusei’s route there were only three CGs featuring him and in Kaoru’s five featuring him. Ryuusei’s three were well done. But, the ones in Kaoru’s route never really took full advantage of the scenario. In the above CG, Marika and Kaoru are on a date at an amusement park. Now, I’m no artist but a sweet image on the merry-go-round, or eating fairy floss together would be perfect. But instead it’s just Marika waiving her arms out at Kaoru with cat ears on. There isn’t really anything ‘special’ about this image that screams romance. Another example, at the crux of Kaoru’s route is a kendo match. For a majority, the match is a close up of Kaoru and his opponent’s face, changing expressions now and then. I would have loved something more dynamic! Ultimately ‘date’ CGs felt bland and CGs of kisses were way too close up and cropped awkwardly. 

Fxxx me royally review

Mechanics wise, the game is pretty straight forward. As with most visual novels, the story of Fxxx Me Royally!! is driven by the choices you make. The prologue choices define whether you are set on Kaoru or Ryuusei’s route. Once on the route there’s just two choices to determine whether you get a ‘normal’ or ‘best’ ending. As you complete routes you unlock a bonus sex scene story as well as additional pathways to endings. These include a poly ending and the aforementioned Sana ending. On top of this, the game also features a voice saving mechanic. So you can keep your favourite lines or moans as you play through!

As with Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, if you’re not keen on the R18 scenes, you can toggle them on and off. If you purchase the game on Steam, you automatically have the censored version and will need to download a R18 patch from the MangaGamer website. A very small aside, players hoping for some real fan service CGs during the sex scenes may be a bit disappointed. For about half of them the boys remain fully or mostly clothed with the focus on Marika. If it weren’t for my experience with Fashioning Little Miss Lonesomethis, combined with the rather lacklustre general CGs would make me to wonder if the developers didn’t understand their audience nor knew how to cater to it.

Final thoughts on Fxxx Me Royally!

While not quite the game I expected, Fxxx Me Royally! was a game that I enjoyed nonetheless. After a slow start, I grew to love the characters and their antics, and while the romance was simple it was a heartwarming journey. There were definitely missed opportunities in the art of this game, which I felt really hampered it from being a truly memorable or fantastic play through. For players who are looking for something sweet, relaxing with a few shots of vanilla, Fxxx Me Royally! will be right up your alley. But for those who are hoping for something with a bit more spice and drama, it may be best to keep your fingers crossed for another game to come your way. 

Thank you for checking out my Fxxx Me Royally Review and a big thank you to MangaGamer for providing me a copy of the game for review.

19/1 Update : Some sentence formatting changes and added headers


9 thoughts on “ Fxxx Me Royally!! Otome Review

  1. Haha it sounds like we have similar taste in otome since I bought this recently! Shame about some of the CGs but I’m glad to hear it has the same silly humour and slice of life bits as Fashioning Miss Lonesome! Thanks for the review 😊

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    1. Thanks for checking out my review! I really wish we got some more fan service / romantic cgs!! Out of interest did you like Kaoru or Ryuusei more? I started off thinking I’d love Kaoru but ended up adoring Ryuusei heaps more

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