Higurashi When They Cry – Gou Episode 24 Review (Final)

At long last, here it is – the final episode of Higurashi Gou. The episode opens with Eua questioning Satoko on her uncle’s change of heart. Satoko resolves to put the ‘new’ Teppei to good use and sets her sights on Takano who has experienced the ripple effects of Satoko and Rika’s looping. After dreaming of being betrayed by her unit and killed, Takano begins to question her work with the Hinamizawa syndrome and carrying on her grandfather’s research. But when Satoko learns that Takano may not go ahead, she decides to take things into her own hands and steals the three vials of H173. The episode and season ends with Satoko resolving to trap Rika in horrifying loops until she agrees to stay in Hinamizawa – no matter how long it takes.

Unfortunately the curse of being a first time watcher struck hard during this episode. It’s hard to be critical of this as it’s my fault for being stubborn, but it did take some time to get my bearings with the military brought back. But despite these confusing aspects, similar to Teppei, this episode provided an interesting vignette into a character affected by the ripple effects of Satoko and Rika’s looping. I suppose it’s a very human thing to wish to see if our choices were right, and think ‘what if’, and these characters are kind of given a chance to see their ‘worse case’ scenarios play out and the opportunity to change from that. While not a distinct parallel, I do wish to draw a comparison between Satoko and Takano.

Higurashi Gou episode 24

Higurashi Gou Takano Episode 24

Takano has a dream, one she was willing to risk everything for, even inject cutie Tomitake with H173 for!! But when she has her ‘ripple dream’, she begins questioning the world around her, and she also listens to (or more reads) the advice of others. She listens, reflects and decides to take a step back from her path of destruction. But Satoko refuses to. She’s hellbent on getting what she believes is owed to her – her perfect world with Rika. The difference between these characters is emphasised when they discuss Takano being disposed off like ingredients being used in soup stock.  

On the surface it looks like Satoko is encouraging Takano, that she’s not useless despite being ‘thrown’ away. But the conversation highlights this key difference between how far they would go for their dreams. Takano sees the ingredients as ‘used up’, everything from them sucked into the soup with nothing remaining. Takano recognises that she too would be ‘used up’ and still wants to live a happy life, like her grandfather wished. But Satoko argues that they can still be used, that despite giving up almost everything they can still give more and be used again. The crux of it is, Satoko just doesn’t know when to let go, there is nothing else but this ‘dream’ / ‘wish’ to be with Rika. And just like the ingredients she’ll use again and again, she’ll keep looping and working until there’s nothing left. 

Higurashi Gou episode 24 review

As discussed in last week’s review, we can truly see Satoko’s mental state devolve, and it’s far more frightening than other bloody murder. Satoko is savvy and while not book smart is very astute and good at problem solving. And yet, when when she goes to open the briefcase she doesn’t think up any plan on how to get the passcode from Takano, instead she continues to kill herself until she guesses the right combination.

There’s something almost nauseating about how nonchalant she is about it, clicking her fingers like she’s doing one of her usual tricks with each reset. We know from Rika’s experience looping, loopers do feel pain and remember their deaths, but Satoko has no regard for this, no regard for herself. In a way, she’s completely detached herself from the ‘human’ Satoko, instead taking on the ‘god’ identity of Oyashiro-sama. An identity only to punish and take revenge.

Higurashi Gou episode 24

Satoko Looper Higurashi

While that’s the end of Gou, it’s not the end of Higurashi with the story continuing on in July 2021 with Higurashi Sotsu. As I was saying in last week’s review, I do feel that the show dragged out these flashbacks with Satoko and the story really could have wrapped itself up in these last four episodes. But, on the other hand, I am enjoying the show, and it’s hard to complain about more content.  

There is one point that I am particularly interested to see unfold in the following season and that’s the build up rippled effect. Eua continues to make a point to tell Satoko that not only does it happen, but that it is irreversible. The next season we could very well see the entire village breakdown as everyone has horrible nightmares / visions of their brutal deaths or committing atrocious crimes. While this may be an interesting thread to explore, the one I most hope to see is not a reconciliation between Rika and Satoko but actually seeing Satoko be saved from herself. 

Higurashi Gou episode review

Overall, Gou has surpassed my expectations. I think I’ve mentioned a few times but I really did come into Higurashi expecting just a splatter fest with the story at the background. But I’ve been surprised by how enraptured I’ve been by the story and the evolving dynamics between Satoko and Rika. There have been some bumps in the road, but overall it’s been fun tuning in each week. Now that there’s a decent wait for Sotsu, I should go back and watch the original Higurashi and get a start on the visual novels – something that is long overdue. Also, a big thank you to everyone who has been following my (usually) weekly episodic reviews!

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6 thoughts on “Higurashi When They Cry – Gou Episode 24 Review (Final)

  1. Ah, the final episode review. It was a pleasure reading your thoughts on each and every one so far. I can’t wait to read them when Sotsu comes back as well.

    I hope you’re feeling better now, as well. Cheers!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I just randomly stumbled across your blog, and found that you were reviewing all of the episodes, and I, as someone that’s read all the original Higurashi visual novel arcs and as someone who enjoys hearing other people’s thoughts (and reactions?) to things, I REALLY enjoy what I’ve seen from your reviews!

    I only skimmed through all of them for now, but I’m looking forward to your SOTSU reviews, as I’m personally really excited for what’s coming assuming that the seasons are taking up the same pattern as the old anime (and original visual novels and vice versa) as far as seasons “1 and 2” between GOU and SOTSU are concerned!

    I personally would recommend you read the Manga rather than watch the old anime (which is somewhat of a controversial opinion), or even the original sound/visual novels if you could find the time if you decided you wanted to view/visit the original material before SOTSU begins.

    For me personally, the old anime doesn’t quite capture the proper “characterization” of the characters (with oddly altered scenes that make important character moments seem strange) and the emotional moments don’t come across the same either (limited medium in regards to how long they can afford to stay on a scene tends to have something to do with it for the most part), but that again, is a controversial opinion.

    The manga also has some “tone differences” at times, but usually (to me) unlike the old anime, the tone is still pretty on par with the visual novels at least, so it’s enjoyable for any casual or diehard fan.

    TL;DR: I love these reviews, and am looking forward to REALLY taking time to go through them all properly when it’s not late at night! (Also, regarding older material personally: Sound/Visual Novels > Manga > Old 2006 Anime; though if you really rather take up the anime over anything else, then there’s nothing wrong with that either, as some people say, it’s all valid in the end, especially in the context of having enough info regarding GOU and SOTSU now.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment. You have literally made my month. I’m so glad that you enjoyed my reviews / ramblings. I was always a bit nervous if someone who had read the visual novels / watched the 2006 anime thought my reviews were an absolute mess, so I’m so glad to hear that they’re enjoyable reads.

      Thank you also for letting me know about the manga. I’ll definitely focus on checking out the manga and visual novels. I’ve heard the visual novels can be quite lengthy, so I’ll probably read the manga first and then dive into the visual novels. I’m pretty keen to get an understanding of the whole military / H173 and learn more about Hanyu. I hope I haven’t spoiled too much of the original storyline for myself by skipping ahead to Gou!

      I’ve also heard some people recommending to check out Umineko to get some understanding of Eua (?), but I think I might hold off on that as I’ve got more than enough Higurashi goodness to go through now ☺️

      Thank you so much again for checking out the reviews and your comment. If you have any thoughts or comments on any of the individual episodes I would love to read them too!

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