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Closed Beta Opens for Tears of Themis

Chinese video game developer and studio, miHoYo, have now opened closed beta registrations for the upcoming international release of their game Tears of Themis. miHoYo have previously released games such as Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact, which are some of the most popular games being played today! Players who wish to join the Closed Beta can sign up from today to 6 May at 12:00 (GMT +9). The testing period will run from 8 May 12:00 to 18 May 19:00. But, I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s look at what Tears of Themis actually is! 

Our heroine works as a lawyer in the city of Stellis, a once radiant city now marred by violence and crime. With the four love interests, conduct investigations, solve puzzles and argue your case in the court of law. Each piece of evidence leading you to the truth behind the unrest in Stellis city. And between all the crime-fighting and sleuthing find love. The game looks to be an interactive visual novel, complete with point and click investigation, dialogue choices and even a social media mechanic. I couldn’t see it mentioned on the website but from some googling I believe this game will also have a gacha mechanic. When the game is released (and also during the beta testing) it will be available on Android and Apple. 

I’m really excited for this game’s release. Graphic aside (which look GORGEOUS), it sounds like a really intriguing story. As I was writing this I had a quick google search of the game, and it seems like quite a lot of international fans have been waiting for the game’s international release, and many fans who have played it in its original language have sung its praises.

My only current concern is that some of the English wording on the official website is a little awkward. For example there’s a section where it says “he is just a call away, never miss a beat from him”, where “never miss a moment with him” might have been better. But anyway, it’s great that the company has this closed beta round to allow for players to give detailed feedback before it gets published!

If you’d like to sign up for the closed beta check out the registration form over here! You can also follow the development of Tears of Themis on their Twitter and Facebook pages

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