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Tears of Themis Confirmed for 29 July Release

Earlier today, miHoYo confirmed that Tears of Themis will launch globally on Android and iOS on July 29. The game will be available in simplified and traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean with voices in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Tears of Themis is the first romance game from miHoYo who are known for previous releases like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. 

For those who haven’t yet heard of the game, I’ll give a brief plot summary based on their press release. In the game you play as a junior attorney who works to solve strange cases that take place in Stellis City. From investigating crime scenes to questioning suspects, all the way to going to court, four male leads will be with your each step of the way. As you play through the game and build a relationship with the leads, you can unlock special dialogue, video calls, and stories. But with each case that is solved, you begin to uncover a sinister conspiracy that threatens justice in Stellis City.

Along with this announcement miHoYo have released a new game trailer which hints at the kind of cases you will encounter. 

As I said in my post about the closed beta for this game, I’m pretty excited for Tales of Themis! It looks like it’s going to be quite an intriguing story to follow. I haven’t been playing too many games recently as I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out. But I’ve already pre-registered and am keen to check it out when it goes live. The game is marketed as free-to-play but I’m guessing that there will be some micro transactions to get more items / gacha similar to Mr Love Queen’s Choice

Pre-registration for the game is still open, and according to the press release, 400,000 people have already signed up via the website. If you’re interested in the game, you can also follow the development of Tears of Themis on their official websiteTwitter and Facebook page

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