Below are some of my favourite bloggers – please check out their blogs and give them some love :)!

かわいいじゃなきゃダメなの!BreadMasterLee is a phenomenal otome blogger – pretty much any otome game you need a review of, she’s got it! Her reviews are so enjoyable to read – a great balance of humour and analysis. One particularly fantastic post is her otome shopping guide which has everything you need to know about buying games online on Japanese sites.

Lita Kino: Lita’s blog is mainly focused on anime and manga reviews, but she also writes about her Convention adventures, film she’s watched and writes really interesting discussions. Lita also has a really amazing Youtube channel that I highly recommend everyone to subscribe to!  You can check out her fantastic post on becoming a youtuber here!

Nice Job Breaking it, Hero:  Naja is my one and only Blog twin, we started blogging at roughly the same time 🙂 Her blog is full of amazing posts on Otome games, anime manga and webcomics. My favourite posts by Naja are her Fangirl Friday moments, she’s introduced me to so many wonderful series and her posts never fail to bring a smile to my face! You can check out her most recent Fangirl Friday here!

Otome Otaku Girl: Otome Otaku girl is an incredible otome blog, it was actually the first otome blog I followed and inspired me to start blogging about my own otome experiences. Her blog includes fan art, otome riddles & puzzles and of course lots and LOTS of walkthroughs! I honestly mean it when I say her walkthrough list is awe inspiring. You can check out the full list (and her wonderful blog) over here!

Otome Sweetheart: Otome Sweetheart is my go-to blog for all otome news and updates! The blog shows information for big commercial companies but also info on Indie games, many of which I wouldn’t have heard about if not for her! She also has a fantastic wordpress blog where she writes reviews of routes, demos and games. Go check both her sites out!

Otome Tantei: Karin has only been blogging for a few years and she’s already made a name for herself as a fantastic otome blogger. Her writing is informative and always brings a smile to my face, I particularly enjoyed her 7’Scarlet review which you can check out here!

Yahari BentoYahari is another fantastic anime blogger. I’ve only just started following them recently but really enjoy their unique writing style. They write a combination of reviews and in-depth analysis, you can read one of their great analysis’s here.