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Thank you for your interest in ‘Two Happy Cats’!

I am always excited for the opportunity to share new games and products with the Otaku community. Over the last 3 years,  I have reviewed subscription boxes and Indie visual novel games, as well as conducted a number of interviews with game developers. My reviews of products are always open and honest.

Types of Posts

For games, please note that I suffer from pretty awful motion sickness. As such there are certain types of games I am unable to play and review. To give some examples of games I can’t play – Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and Fallout. Essentially any game with more movement than Persona 5 is a struggle for me.

Freelance work

I am always open for opportunities for freelance work. I have previously been a featured creator on Creators (retired site), with posts that ranged from analysing James Wan’s directing style to discussions on the end of the ‘Bleach’ manga. I am currently writing freelance for MANGA.TOKYO, you can view my work at this link.


To contact me about one of the above opportunities please send an email to KuroSamaReviews[at] or a DM at Please only contact me via DM on Twitter, I will not respond to any public tweets tagging me requesting reviews.

Social Media Links

Gmail: KuroSamaReviews[at]

Facebook: 2 Happy Cats

Instagram: @twohappycatss



If you’d like to know a bit more about the history behind ‘Two Happy Cats’ and my little bio – click here!