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Thank you for your interest in ‘Two Happy Cats’!

I am always excited for the opportunity to share new games and products with the Otaku community. Over the last 3 years,  I have reviewed subscription boxes and Indie visual novel games, as well as conducted a number of interviews with game developers. My reviews of products are always open and honest.

Types of promotion

For games, please note that I suffer from pretty awful motion sickness. As such there are certain types of games I am unable to play and review. To give some examples of games I can’t play – Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and Fallout. Essentially any game with more movement than Persona 5 is a struggle for me.

Freelance work

I am always open for opportunities for freelance work. I have previously been a featured creator on Creators (retired site), with posts that ranged from analysing James Wan’s directing style to discussions on the end of the ‘Bleach’ manga.


To contact me about one of the above opportunities please send an email to KuroSamaReviews[at] or a DM at

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Gmail: KuroSamaReviews[at]

Facebook: 2 Happy Cats

Instagram: @merry_adventures



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