Dumpling Adventure Has Moved

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Hello, my Dumpling Adventures posts have now moved over to another blog Merry Adventures. You can find it here https://merryadventuresblog.wordpress.com


I made myself a mid-year resolution – to go out and try and do new things! I figured, why not write about them on my blog, along with my other reviews? So here’s (hopefully!) a collection of adventures and places I’ve been to.

You’re probably also wondering why ‘Dumpling Adventures’? I probably haven’t mentioned this before, but I’m actually half Chinese, half Australian  – when I was growing up my Aunties used to say I was like a dumpling – very pale on the outside but with lots of traditional Chinese values and culture on the inside 😛

Anyway hope you enjoy reading through these posts 🙂

Glebe Markets + Black Star Pastry 

Barangaroo + ‘Central Perk’ Pop Up Cafe

Big Bang MADE World Tour 2015

First Time at the Gym 

Black Milk Sydney Sample Sale 

Sydney Horror Movie Campout

Dear Pluto Markets

Adventures good for the Seoul 

Sheep Cafe

Trick Eye Museum

Raccoon Cafe

Line Friends Store

A Palace, A Tower and Lots of Shopping: Part 1

A Palace, A Tower and Lots of Shopping: Part 2

Ihwa Mural Village

Cat Cafe & A Light Festival

Traditional Village & Green Tea Cafe

A New Movie Viewing Experience

Shopping Fever @ Insadong

Banana Tree Cafe


4 thoughts on “Dumpling Adventure Has Moved

  1. Good evening

    I am wondering if I’m able to obtain a copy of the photo you have posted of the crazy clown on the roof at the horror movie camp out in Sydney.

    The character Frownz the clown was developed by my partner who is an international stunt performer and coordinator and I would be happy to provide you further information on if requested. We like to keep a collection of visual images along with posts for our reference.

    We are exceptionally pleased to hear how well Frownz was received and hope to have him traveling round Australia visiting other locations to provide the same exceptional experience to other horror buffs.

    Thank you in advance


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi,

      Of course, if you send me an email at KuroSamaReviews[at]gmail.com I’ll be more than happy to pass along the images I took. Unfortunately they’re not the best quality, since I just took them with my I touch.

      At the event there was a guy dressed as a mad scientist taking professional photos, he’s posted a bit in the event page on Facebook, so you can also contact him to get some better photos 🙂

      Your partner did an absolutely fantastic job – really made the night!


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