I’ve (Kinda) Caved into Peer Pressure

I like to talk a big game through this blog about being strong and independent. But sometimes people have weak moments, especially after years of being worn down. About two months ago I made a decision to begin growing my hair out, and I’m not entirely sure that my decision was my own. Now, to… Continue reading I’ve (Kinda) Caved into Peer Pressure


Otouto no Otto (My Brother’s Husband) Review & Discussion

Hello! It’s time for another wonderful OWLS tour blog post. This month, the OWLS blog tour theme is around ‘bloodlines’. When you get a chance please check out the lovely Andrealina and her post on ‘Family & Dragon Maid‘. You can check out a full schedule of all the OWLS posts over here! Family means… Continue reading Otouto no Otto (My Brother’s Husband) Review & Discussion