Perseverance: Part 1 | Review & Giveaway!

‘Perseverance’, by Tap It Studios, is a horror-drama visual novel, with various parts placing you in the shoes of different characters. For part 1, we’re introduced to husband, father and down-on-his-luck Jack. Jack’s day, no, Jake’s life isn’t going very well. His wife has had enough, his relationship with his 11 year old daughter is… Continue reading Perseverance: Part 1 | Review & Giveaway!

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Why I felt ‘Burnt’ watching Bradley Cooper’s new film

I just got home from watching Bradley Cooper’s new film ‘Burnt’, directed by John Wells. It follows Adam Jones as he tries to rebuild his life and reputation, three years after destroying his life in a high-end restaurant in Paris due to number of addictions. With the help of old friends and some new, he… Continue reading Why I felt ‘Burnt’ watching Bradley Cooper’s new film