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In Search of Haru: Sweet Story of Youth Review & Endings

After a very successful release of ‘Jimi-Kare: My Quiet Boyfriend‘ SEEC Inc. has translated another one of its games. This time you play as a young girl who is searching for her childhood friend. Your character used to be bullied relentlessly as a youth due to her weight, her childhood friend, ‘Haru’ was her one… Continue reading In Search of Haru: Sweet Story of Youth Review & Endings


ZombieBoy – Zombie Growing Game Endings

Click here for zombieboy 2 I began playing this mobile game called ZombieBoy. The premise is that you and your boyfriend are researchers, looking into the zombie apocalypse. Tragedy strikes and your beloved is transformed into a zombie. So like an reasonable person, you begin feeding him other zombies in the hopes of transforming him… Continue reading ZombieBoy – Zombie Growing Game Endings