The Best Of Play-Asia’s Summer Sale

Since joining Play-Asia’s affiliate program back in February 2017, I have made the grand total of $1.27. As such, my mid-year resolution is to increase that total to $2 by December 2018. To make my dream a reality, I decided to comb through Play-Asia’s sale lists to find the best deals. Just remember, every click… Continue reading The Best Of Play-Asia’s Summer Sale

Otome Games

Fire Emblem: Heroes First Impressions

You’ve been summoned to an unknown land called Askr, on the brink of war. The royal family of Askr has the ability to open portals to other worlds, and the royal family of the neighbouring kingdom, the ‘Emblians’, close these portals. The Emblian princess, Veronica, refuses to close these portals, instead, invading the worlds. Once… Continue reading Fire Emblem: Heroes First Impressions