YUMIAO Cat Cafe Review – A Purrfect Time

While I do have two cats, I’m not blessed with particularly affectionate ones. One of my cats is a very aloof and the other is a true princess, so while I love them both very very much, I am sometimes in dire need of some adorable cat affection. Unfortunately, living in Sydney, cat cafes aren’t… Continue reading YUMIAO Cat Cafe Review – A Purrfect Time


Catmosphere Cat Cafe – Dumpling Adventures

On Saturday I headed to Sydney’s first ever Cat Cafe – Catmosphere. I’d actually been meaning to head there for a while, seeing some interesting cat yoga events on Facebook, but life always got in the way. Anyway, the Cafe has 2 main rooms – one upstairs which is for the adult cats, and one… Continue reading Catmosphere Cat Cafe – Dumpling Adventures


Shopping fever @ Insadong : Seoul Adventures

Check out my new travel blog at Merry Adventures Blog! After the Bukchon village, my friends and I headed to Insadong. Unfortunately it’s a bit far from the actual village, so we needed up catching a taxi back to the station and then walking from there. The taxi’s are ridiculously cheap over here, so we didn’t hesitate… Continue reading Shopping fever @ Insadong : Seoul Adventures


Cassidy nominated me for the Liebster Award!

Big thank you to Cassidy for the nomination! His blog is full of hilarious anime screen shots and gifs – I can spend hours going through them, they’re all so funny! My Random Facts  I became absolutely terrified of spiders after watching the film ‘8 Legged Freaks’ as an 8 year old in cinemas. I… Continue reading Cassidy nominated me for the Liebster Award!