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A3 Localisation News! ~ Let’s train Ikemen!

In the early hours of this morning, ikemen fans received some great news. The incredibly popular rhythm game ‘A3!’ (Act! Addict! Actors!) has been confirmed for localisation. The announcement stated that Cybird will be in charge of this project, you may know Cybird from their Ikemen series like ‘Ikemen Sengoku’ and ‘Ikemen Revolution’. The game… Continue reading A3 Localisation News! ~ Let’s train Ikemen!

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Rayvis Harneit Walkthrough ~ Midnight Cinderella

Rayvis has just been released for Midnight Cinderella. His route will not only be my first in Midnight Cinderella, but also my first by Cybird! I gotta admit I do have high expectations for this route. Below is the walkthrough, I’ll be updating as I go, as always if you know the correct answers just… Continue reading Rayvis Harneit Walkthrough ~ Midnight Cinderella


Members of my Imaginary Harem ~ 5 Hotties Tag

I’ve been seeing the Five Flamming Hotties Tag going around the blogging community, and absolutely loving everyone’s posts! So it’s finally my turn to share my beautiful guys. Thank you to Irina from I drink and I watch Anime for nominating me for this tag. Please go check out her blog! It’s full of fun articles, and… Continue reading Members of my Imaginary Harem ~ 5 Hotties Tag