Lights Out: Halloween Snapshot

James Wan, who brought horror fans films like ‘The Conjuring’, now gives us ‘Lights Out’. Expectations were high, and expectations were not met. ‘Lights Out’ follows moody adult (?) Rebecca, who takes in her younger brother after he’s shown to be chronically sleep-deprived. It’s then that her childhood fears come back to haunt her, with… Continue reading Lights Out: Halloween Snapshot

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Get the Holy Water it’s ‘The Conjuring 2’ : Freaky Fridays

Get yourself a rosary and some holy water, our favourite ghost busting, demon destroying couple is back in ‘The Conjuring 2’. The film is focused on the Enfield cases, on the most infamous cases of a Poltergeist haunting, that occurred between 1977 and 1979. The family consisted of a single mother, and her four children, who… Continue reading Get the Holy Water it’s ‘The Conjuring 2’ : Freaky Fridays