Otome Games

My Devil Lovers (Otome) – First Impressions

‘My Devil Lovers’ is Genius Inc’s latest otome game. I know after my catastrophe with Omnibus Princess I said I would never play another Genius Inc game again. But the story line for this one just got me hooked! They also seem to have changed the ending ticket scenario to either just a regular ticket,… Continue reading My Devil Lovers (Otome) – First Impressions


Thermae Romae – Time travelling with baths

Bored with your history books, and would rather get a quick run down on Roman baths by a gorgeous half naked Roman? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place – but you’ll still get the hot half naked Roman. Thermae Romae is based off a manga by Mari Yamasaki. It was then developed into a… Continue reading Thermae Romae – Time travelling with baths