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Yarichin☆Bitch-bu (Yarichin Bitch Club) Anime Review

On 21 September, the third volume of Ogeretsu Tanaka’s ‘Yarachin Bitch Club’ was released with a special anime episode, the first of three. The episode has been the source of a lot hype within the fujoshi community. Unfortunately an English version has yet to be confirmed (even with just subtitles). So I put on my… Continue reading Yarichin☆Bitch-bu (Yarichin Bitch Club) Anime Review

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Imawa no Kuni no Arisu – ‘Alice in Borderland’ Review

Alice is drifting through life, desperately wanting something to grab onto. Constantly compared to his high achieving brother, he seeks solace and company in his two best friends, Karube and Segawa. One day the three of them are spirited away, and wake up in a dystopian world. Initially excited about this newfound freedom from their responsibilities… Continue reading Imawa no Kuni no Arisu – ‘Alice in Borderland’ Review