An Otaku’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is either just another day or the worst day of the year. At least, that’s the generally consensus amongst my single female group of friends. Some couldn’t careless but a few have confided in me they spend the day crying in their room. But I feel a lot of people get caught up… Continue reading An Otaku’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Otome Games

Chris Armstrong Walkthrough ~ Modern Cinderella

You may remember way back in April I played Modern Cinderella for the first time. I wasn’t really impressed from playing the prologue, and gave the game up after playing a few chapters. However I recently saw that they introduced a new character called Chris WHO IS GORGEOUS! So I figured I would give the… Continue reading Chris Armstrong Walkthrough ~ Modern Cinderella

Otome Games

Lumiere X Yangzi Walkthrough ~ Love Tangle (Shall We Date)

This is my first play through of Love Triangle. I kept seeing pictures pop up all over my Instagram and figured I must try it out! So I’ve started off with the latest route – Lumiere (fashion designer) and Yangzi (figure skater). At the moment Lumiere is the only one released, so Yangzi will be… Continue reading Lumiere X Yangzi Walkthrough ~ Love Tangle (Shall We Date)

Otome Games

Lotte’s Forest Has Been Released!

Abracadabra has just released its much anticipated game ‘Lotte’s Forest’. The game was initially scheduled to be released on Christmas day, but has been moved up. The game follows a young girl who gets sucked into her mother’s story book. Once MC arrives there she is approached by three very different men all claiming that… Continue reading Lotte’s Forest Has Been Released!

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My Bitter Sweet Romance ~ Mocha Walkthrough

Genius Inc’s latest mobile otome game is called ‘My Bitter Sweet Romance’. The game follows an MC who works at a coffee shop. Four mysterious brothers begin working at the shop, and MC discovers they are aliens from another planet. The brothers have come to earth to find rare coffee beans and bring them home… Continue reading My Bitter Sweet Romance ~ Mocha Walkthrough