Top 5 Anime Doggos ~ Celebrating the Year of the Dog!

Today is Chinese New Year, marking the beginning of the year of the Dog! It’s a pretty exciting time, with lots of celebration, food and money. Haha, okay maybe not heaps of money, but a part of Chinese New Year is receiving red envelopes (with some money) from family. But back to the year of… Continue reading Top 5 Anime Doggos ~ Celebrating the Year of the Dog!


Yuri On Ice – On Love and Life

In the last month and a half you’ve probably seen a whole bunch of blog posts coming out as part of ‘OWLS’. OWLS (Otaku Warriors for Liberty & Self Respect) is a group of bloggers who promote the existence of all peoples, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, religion, gender or disability. Each month OWLS chooses a… Continue reading Yuri On Ice – On Love and Life


Another Spring Giveaway & New Stickers

It’s time for another KuroSama Giveaway! The rules are the same as last time~ The gift is given to whoever comments/ messages me first! You’re only allowed to pick one, and have to provide a way for me to contact you to get your address – either Email, Twitter DM etc. You have to be… Continue reading Another Spring Giveaway & New Stickers