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Zombieboy 2 – Crazy Love Endings and Review

Zombieboy 2 is the sequel to Karapon’s very successful zombie boy game. Karapon also does a ‘Zombiegirl’ series, and it seems that all these games are kind of interlinked with one another. In Zombieboy 2, you are desperately trying to return your childhood friend (and crush) back into his human form. However as the story… Continue reading Zombieboy 2 – Crazy Love Endings and Review


ZombieBoy – Zombie Growing Game Endings

Click here for zombieboy 2 I began playing this mobile game called ZombieBoy. The premise is that you and your boyfriend are researchers, looking into the zombie apocalypse. Tragedy strikes and your beloved is transformed into a zombie. So like an reasonable person, you begin feeding him other zombies in the hopes of transforming him… Continue reading ZombieBoy – Zombie Growing Game Endings